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Hedge fund manager and New York Times Best Selling Author Marin Katusa, Chairman of Canada’s largest gold fund Rick Rule, and Legendary resource investor Doug Casey have all stated during interviews that they:

  1. Are long GoldMining Inc.
  2. Personally think it will go much higher.
  3. Invested millions of their own funds in the past few months!

In fact, collectively, they are the single largest shareholders of this company.

This may be one of the cheapest gold stocks to buy at the early stages of a bull market! 18 Million ounces of gold resources!


On September 15th, we alerted members to a news release that changed the course of this company’s potential to become the next large-tier gold company. In short, GoldMining has increased its total gold resource by 161%, and senior mining analysts have increased their 12-month price targets on the company, including leading Wall Street firm, Cantor Fitzgerald. The Huffington Post, in a feature article, published the following on GoldMining:

“What’s key to GoldMining Inc.’ appeal is that the company was able to acquire several potentially world-class gold projects at fire sale prices from struggling peer-group companies during the recent four-year mining recession.”

By the numbers, you can not find a better deal!

What this chart is missing is GoldMining’s secret project – it’s an “under the radar” project, and is without a doubt completely unknown to most investors. You see, most investors only see GoldMining as a pure gold stock, but it’s not.

GoldMining Inc. also has one of the most lucrative property locations in the entire Athabasca Basin, the richest place on earth that hosts uranium. It’s the senior joint venture partner, GoldMining Inc., with 75%, and billion-dollar French uranium giant Areva, with 25%!

Amir Adnani, the head of GoldMining Inc., who’s been featured many times as one of the brightest resource entrepreneurs in the industry, is also the CEO of a uranium company – one that he took from concept to production in just 5 years. At the time, it was 1 of only 5 U.S. producers of uranium!

Legendary Rick Rule, of Sprott Asset Management, told me directly that “Amir is a force of nature!”

According to New York Times Best Selling Author and hedge fund manager Marin Katusa, this is the “one must-own precious metal stock.”

GoldMining Inc. should be a core position in any resource portfolio, and we suggest you do your research immediately.

(GoldMining Inc. TSXV:GOLD US:GLDLF)

Out of 758 companies we have researched this year, I have never seen the following set of facts in one company:

  1. Only a small group of resource-stage gold companies in the world control over 18 million ounces of global gold resource.
  2. Two of the six gold projects contain almost 2 billion pounds of copper resource!
  3. It’s a top-tier uranium project in the richest uranium land in the world, with a multi-billion market cap partner.
  4. Projects are all in safe and mining-friendly jurisdictions: Brazil, U.S.A., Colombia, and Canada.
  5. Insiders own 30% of the company, with the single largest individual shareholder being the founder and chairman himself, Mr. Amir Adnani.
  6. It has over $9 million in cash and NO debt!
  7. Institutional shareholders include Canada’s leading gold funds, KCR Fund and Sprott Asset Management, along with Latin America’s oldest merchant bank.
  8. Amir’s last company saw gains of over 2,800% coming out of a down cycle. I believe we are coming out of the current down cycle now.
  9. Key insider, Mario Garnero — recognized as one of the most influential men in Latin America — is a major shareholder and founding director, and is also chairman of Brasilinvest, the most prestigious merchant bank in Brazil, who is also a shareholder!
The NEW bull market in gold stocks is entering its most profitable stage between now and February 2017! This is the one stock I want to suggest to you today.

Supercharge Your Gold Position

Amir Adnani, Founder of Brazil Resources. Featured on Fortune 40 under 40 and Casey Research as a key person to partner with in the small resource sector.

Amir Adnani, Founder of GoldMining Inc. Featured on Fortune 40 under 40 and Casey Research as a key person to partner with in the small resource sector.

The timing couldn’t be better, since the gold sector and mining shares are at multi-decade low valuations, deeply discounted, and after this violent correction, smart money is returning to the sector, which will get GoldMining Inc. exposure to institutional money, and you want to position before them.

Gold, specifically, will soar higher and faster than other commodities in this new uptrend. As a result of mounting problems that have been papered over since the 2008 financial crisis, gold’s new bull market will have all the glitter investors have come to expect in this very cyclical sector.

Savvy investors are already taking note of the deep-value trade we have in the gold sector, while at the same time, currency wars are escalating and government debt is surging higher. Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and George Soros have all been entering the sector recently.

In August, Stanley Druckenmiller shocked the world when he took a $323 million stake in gold. Mr. Druckenmiller is the “smart money” – his fund, over 3 decades, beat Warren Buffet’s by more than 50%!

The last time early investors entrusted money with Amir Adnani during a bear market, they saw gains of 2,800%, turning a $10,000 investment in $280,000 in 2 years! When it comes to GoldMining Inc., I have never seen a junior gold stock bring together so many “A”-listers.

With Rick Rule, of Sprott Asset Management, Doug Casey, of Stansberry Research, and Marin Katusa, of Katusa Research, through their fund, they are the largest single shareholders of this tiny gold stock.

Even the oldest merchant bank in Brazil has taken a stake in this company, with the bank’s chairman even coming on as one of GoldMining’s  board of directors.

Gold Acquisitions and Aggressive Growth

As a potential partner-shareholder, Amir Adnani, founder of GoldMining Inc, has put together a special alert contact list for you to be the first to be notified on any new developments for this investment.

To receive direct contact from GoldMining Inc., please fill out the information below:

Growth Through Acquisition

Para State Brazil


  • Cachoeira Project, with 1.35 million ounces of gold (787,737 oz. indicated/563,200 oz. gold inferred).


  • Takeover of Brazilian Gold Corp., giving them the Sao Jorge, with 1.7 million ounces of gold (715,000 oz. indicated/1,035,200 oz. inferred).
  • Boa Vista, with 336,000 ounces of gold (inferred).
  • Surubim Project, with 503,000 ounces of gold (inferred).


  • GoldMining Inc. advances its “secret” project, a uranium property in the Athabasca Basin, an area that is responsible for 25% of all uranium production.


  • Whistler Project, with 3.1 million ounces of gold (1,280,000 oz. indicated/1,850,000 oz. inferred).
  • When taking into account the silver and copper in this project, the Whistler Project in Alaska has a total of 5.6 million ounces of equivalent* gold!


  • Island Mountain (0.485 million oz. indicated and 1.237 million oz. inferred) and Raintree West (1.539 million oz. inferred) gold resources.
  • Titiribi Gold Project acquisition, which nearly doubled their in-ground gold resources.
  • This single transaction took the company from 10 million ounces of gold resources to 18 million, and over 20 million ounces of gold equivalent.

“Amir Adnani is an unstoppable force of nature”

– Rick Rule, of Sprott USA

Junior Mining CompanyThis company was aggressive in the brutal bear market. When many junior mining companies had crashed and gone to zero or were just trying to fake it until they make it, GoldMining Inc. was on a tear, accumulating assets at fire-sale prices.

Investors who buy today are getting the stock at a cheaper valuation than fund managers, legendary resource investors, and even management themselves when they bought shares of the company in 2011 after they went public, when all they had was an idea. According to Marin Katusa, these projects are like winning lottery tickets at current share prices, and like Doug Casey said unequivocally, this could be the biggest stock winner of his career.

Attach Yourself to Winners!

Call the company, read their press releases, and speak to your broker to see if shares are right for you. Even though GoldMining Inc. is adding value and I believe it will be an enormously successful investment, it’s still a small micro-cap stock, so volatility is common. If you can’t stomach a 10% to 50% move in this stock in either direction, then this stock isn’t for you.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz


GoldMining’s Gold Project Portfolio

For a complete table of GoldMining Inc’s gold project portfolio, please visit


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