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A Very RARE OPPORTUNITY in the Technology Sector: Where I’m Positioned Now!

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Out of all the sectors of the stock market, if I had to choose one that always has my attention; it would be the technology sector. Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other technology companies have created unbelievable wealth for investors, and I’m fully dedicated to finding the next breakout tech stock so that I can alert you to these opportunities.

I don’t mind spending long hours sifting through the multitude of tech stocks in order to bring you the occasional one that is ready to explode to the upside.

Often I look to IPO’s to find the next big winner, since that’s where tomorrow’s leaders separate themselves from the lesser contenders.  Anyone who took a long position in the Amazon or Google IPO’s, for instance, could have profited big-time.

But where will the next major mover come from?  The Wealth Research Group team has dedicated months to answering that exact question, and I’m proud to announce their findings right now.

Our exhaustive research has concluded that the best opportunity in the technology sector is in artificial intelligence, also known as AI or machine learning. There is no major world industry that will not be drastically changed by artificial intelligence; we’re experiencing AI’s disruptive impact already in such industries as marketing, healthcare, defense, and banking.

Let’s look at the healthcare field as just one example – The forecast for the coming months and years is huge growth for AI on a global scale, with North American and Asia-Pacific markets looking extremely promising:

Courtesy of Inkwood Research

We see tech giants like Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft getting involved, so it’s indisputable that machine learning is a dominant force in the technology sector as well as the global economy. These giant firms have their own research teams, and they have all corroborated our exact findings at Wealth Research Group: the place to allocate capital resources right now is artificial intelligence.

Business leaders are taking notice of AI and they understand its current and future impact.  What’s more, there’s still plenty of room for growth, since a sizable portion of provider executives have not yet made the investment in AI technology (although they surely will in the near future):

Courtesy of PwC Health Research Institute

This shift in the tech landscape towards AI adoption means that investors have an opportunity to take a position before the mass media catches on and stock prices are sky-high.

So once again my research team has looked to the IPO space for inspiration, and we’ve been collaborating with Tom Beck from Portfolio Wealth Global, who has published his own report on this topic which can be viewed at

We all compared notes and findings, and I’m glad to tell you now that there is one clear winner in the AI space right now: Globalive Technologies (TSX-V: LIVE & OTC: LVVEF).

It’s a bold statement to declare a clear winner in a tech sector, but the facts make our choice undeniable.  Put simply, there is no other pure-play investment in the AI market that comes close to Globalive.  Founder and CEO Anthony Lacavera has dedicated his stellar reputation on Globalive’s ability to build shareholder value and position the firm as number-one in the AI space.

Combining AI and blockchain technologies is precisely what Mr. Lacavera has done with Globalive, which recently had its IPO and is already making waves and headlines in the industry.

Big news has also been announced recently with multiple strategic joint ventures, two of which are with leading Canadian digital asset trading platform CoinSquare and fintech firm Flexiti Financial. These alliances will enable Globalive to thrive in the coming weeks and months as the firm continues to carry the flag of progress as a tech leader.

I’m taking a capital position in AI and Globalive, and my research demonstrates that this will be a big winner in my portfolio.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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