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In the past month, I’ve dug into the topic of UFOs, UAPs and encounter/witness abduction accounts. It’s truly a fascinating subject and the body of information to go through is a Mount Everest of documentation, with nothing coming close to these people who would swear on their lives that they were beamed up to hovering spaceships, experiencing loss of both time and memory, but aware of the experiments that were being performed on them.

If true, I can’t imagine going through something as unique and crazy as that.

Being that I’ve been flying Cessna planes for 15 years, I also watch plane investigations, because operating under extreme pressure, when in the air, can help not only pilots, but investors, cope with panic.

What happened to Air Transat 236 may not be as otherworldly as some of these testimonies I’ve been studying, but to me, it is much more terrifying and holds great lessons, especially when I compare it to what will happen with gold prices in 2023.

This plane, carrying vacationing Canadians and Portuguese, heading from Toronto to Lisbon, left the departing airport at 9 PM. It was a 2-yr-old A330 Airbus, at the time one of the safest and newest airliners in the world.

The pilots were fairly experienced, the captain having logged 16,000 hours in total (compare that to my less than 500 hours); with 48 metric tons of fuel on board, they were amply equipped with enough to cross the Atlantic and land safely in Lisbon.

After 4 hours of flying in the night over the Atlantic, with no storm, lightning, turbulence or any other disturbances, the screen in the cockpit begins to show a combination of warning alerts that pilots never see, with oil measurements messing with their heads.

They literally have to contact the airline’s maintenance control center to verify what the hell is going on.

While the matter is being investigated, nothing out of the ordinary is happening in the cabin or in the cockpit that makes pilots too nervous – data glitches due to the insane number of sensors on these planes is not unusual.

The plane isn’t losing altitude and there are no weird sounds or something hitting it, but a few minutes later, the crew sees massive fuel loss from the right engine, so they begin to transfer fuel from the left engine to the right one, in order to balance them, but the loss doesn’t stop.

At this point, they should have classified the matter as a leak and they might have stopped wasting fuel from the left engine, but the massive amount of leakage indicated was so severe, the captain dismissed the matter as error, until both engines stopped and the most impressively engineered aircraft in commercial use turned into an enormous metal glider.

When panicking, the crew made choices that were not logical, in terms of assessing risk. The captain was baffled by the whole matter.

In 2022, investors were as panicked as ever and they CHOICED the U.S. dollar as their preferred safe haven, but we believe that as the anxiety level subsides, they’ll rush into gold in 2023, when they realize how delusional it is to put your hard-earned savings into a fiat currency, a vehicle designed to lose purchasing power.

As for flight 236, the pilot miraculously glided to the Azores Islands and safely landed the plane with zero casualties, in what’s considered to be one of the best piloting sequences ever.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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