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In 2008, we thought we saw the most acute and severe crisis of our times. After this past week concluded, we know that 2008 was a dress rehearsal, compared to the corona 2020 DRAMA. This is a pandemic – it’s SHIFTING all of the global priorities and no one truly has their finger on it. The vaccine could be weeks, months, or even a year away. Businesses could go belly-up, start firing workers, request government aid or run out of cash – all options are ON THE TABLE.

The mortality rate is not the story here, economically speaking. The human tragedy is enormous, unfortunate and petrifying, but the devastating deaths are not the cause of the TUMBLING stock market or of the delusionary bonds trading action.

What makes this so tantalizing and crippling is the ease with which the virus spreads and the reactions of businesses, authorities and the public to this predicament.

The snowball effect of ever-growing fear is creating a whirlpool of UNHEARD OF market pricing mechanisms. Forget 2008; this is unprecedented in global financial history – the levels of DESTRUCTION and RUIN is gargantuan and MONSTROUS in 2020.

The VIX gauge is going to leave you open-mouthed:


This escalated so quickly that it even EXCEEDS and overshadows the Lehman Brothers collapse.

All of the Treasury bonds have exploded higher in price, crashing down in yield. The 30yr bond dropped in one day more than ever before. Oil prices fell by double digits in a single session; these are signs of PLIGHT and CALAMITY, which are a once-in-a-century rarity. The Volatility Index actually reached the mid-fifties, which it only did in 2009.

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    The S&P 500 Index touched such low levels of Relative Strength, which previously only happened in end-of-the-world scenarios. The up and down action – gaining 4% one day, losing it all the following, bouncing on the third day and completely crashing down on the fourth and fifth sessions – has only been EXPERIENCED by investors of the WW1, Great Depression, WW2, 9/11 and 2008 periods.

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the equivalent of facing your greatest fear, whatever it is. If you hate snakes, this is like jumping into a dark container, blindfolded, surrounded by hundreds of them. If your anxiety is heights, it is like circling the edges of the Empire State Building, on a windy day, without safety gear. I’ve heard friends of mine, professional money managers, talking about potential exchange halts, FEMA camps making a comeback and using the military to keep the peace on the streets.


    It isn’t normal for markets to go from extreme fear to extreme greed so frequently, as they’ve done in the past three years, but we live in a FAKE NEWS world, with UNRELIABLE market indicators, criminal-like banking policymakers, and clueless central planners. I don’t know how anyone can ignore gold’s INCREDIBLE outperformance in these times.

    History doesn’t see the bull market resuming that quickly. In similar set ups in the past, stocks didn’t recover for a whole year afterwards, finishing IN THE RED. The only time the FED acted as they just did and the market rallied afterwards, Washington accompanied the slashing of rates with the April 1933 gold confiscation and subsequent DEVALUATION of the dollar.

    As I see it, no one will attempt this kind of tactic this time around, because there is no gold backing the fiat currency, but other forceful and HOSTILE policies could be enacted. President Trump is 100% on board with much more STIMULUS measures.

    Gold has proven that when SHIT happens, its universal appeal, being that it has ZERO default chance, is worth a lot. Nobody has ever lost significant purchasing power by holding a precious metal over time.


    This reminds me of how the 2008 and 2009 chapters were written. Since the banking, energy, airline and commodities sectors have been sinking so fast, the eventual rebounds could be SPECTACULAR.

    Two things I’m doing are (1) compiling a shopping list of well-known companies and my personal limit orders, which I’ll publish on Tuesday. I call it the Unjustified Victims Catalog.

    Then, I’m (2) making sure that I’m not only staying healthy, but that I’m prepared, in the back of my mind, for a further ESCALATION of this.

    If Covid-19 isn’t contained soon or if the panic levels remain very high, you might start hearing serious talks about postponing the upcoming elections – it’s going to be the wildest year we’ve seen.

    Winners implement plans, losers complain.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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