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Balls-to-the-Wall Gold Breakout Trajectory

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What Exactly Did Powell Say?

On Wednesday, March 20th, Chairman Jerome Powell took to stage. What he said in his statement and subsequent Q&A session has helped send gold above $2,200/ounce and exploded my portfolio and indices higher as a whole.

What exactly sounded so beautiful to Wall Street that it is willing to pay higher prices for businesses and money?

Unlike the woke left who get up in the morning, conjure up a defect they see, and chain themselves to a statue or shave their heads in protest while not spending a precious second to understand the issue thoroughly and actually study it, just expressing their dismay instead, I rarely believe that I can fix anything that is outside of my control and would much rather learn about its intricacies.

Since you’re reading these words, I know you are a student of life and not a protestor of reality. Let’s assess the deep meanings of Powell’s press conference together because he set forth important agendas, and Wall Street favors his judgment.

In WW2, when Winston Churchill realized that Nazi Germany would soon come to rule over the entirety of Europe without the help of the United States, he sailed to America and befriended FDR in what could only be described later as the most crucial persuasion campaign of the 20thcentury.

They would talk and drink until 2 AM when Eleanor Roosevelt would come into the room and ask, “don’t you two little boys need to be sleeping?” Even when FDR had an idea to pitch one morning and asked his aide to wheel him to see Churchill, who just got out of the shower and was still naked, Winston told Roosevelt that he didn’t have to leave because “the Prime Minister of Great Britain has nothing to hide from the President of the United States.”

America’s willingness to enter the war they did not start and could have easily isolated themselves from stopped the barbaric axis of Nazis, Japanese fanatics, and Italian fascists from ruling over the free world.

The United States decided it could keep the peace everywhere with the help of its vast and unmatched navy. After the war ended and the Soviet Union fell, its chief thinkers thought it was the end of all wars, but this wasn’t the case since China, radical Islam funded by Iran, dictatorial North Korea inspired by its nuclear power, and frightened Russia were all against globalized capitalism. To the disappointment of America’s Bretton Woods architects, they broke the paradigm of “dependency equals cooperation.”

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    Obama and his gang of bookworm academics who know very little about the real world could not have imagined that Russia, a country that is solely dependent on selling energy to the European Union, would risk losing its only source of real wealth – but it did.

    This was the canary song of globalization and marked the beginning of inflation.

    Nearly three years after inflation first creeped back in 2021 and accelerated in 2022 while being fought against tooth and nail by central banks, Powell conceded to it on Wednesday, March 20th, and accepted that 2% inflation will take years to arrive again.

    This might not sound important, but the Federal Reserve basically just told you they have deserted their 2% target for the next few years and are satisfied if inflation doesn’t surge again!

    Powell has announced inflation, and gold could easily double from here!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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