Central Banks have turned from secretive banking institutions to giant liabilities to the global economy.

Governments and elected officials aren’t doing anything to contain or stop experimental policies, such as QE programs, bond swaps, inflation targeting, bailout packages, negative interest rates, and the latest scam: openly buying stocks on the major exchanges with currency they created out of thin air.

What’s coming next will shock you.

The next stimulus policies are being discussed right now, and they will have enormous consequences on everything, including stock prices, real estate prices, rising unemployment rates, bankrupting pension funds and retirement accounts, and even possible civil unrest.

The most important thing to do is to plan in advance your exact action plan in case a 2008-type crisis erupts – or worse.
Become prepared for the end-game for central banks and strengthen your personal financial fortress before it’s too late.

Download Unprecedented Crisis: Central Banking – The End Game now!

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