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Bending Time

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Stock Market Wealth

Bending Time

May 20, 2016 | Stock Market Wealth

Starting LineFlorence Griffith Joyner… that name must ring a bell. The reason is because she is the fastest woman in history. Her 1988 World Records in the women’s 100m and 200m relays still stand today. We have had incredible progress in technologies, training equipment, training methods, nutrition, running shoes, clothing, coaching staffs, facilities, you name it.

Yet Florence’s records still stand.

It’s one of the oldest records that haven’t been broken, and the 100m and 200m relays are the most competitive there are in the world of athletics. It has been widely reported that this phenomenal sports figure didn’t possess a high degree of sportsmanship. Her lack of regard to rules was supposedly quoted by another athlete after she purchased steroids from him for $2,000: “if you want to make $1 million, you’ve got to invest some thousands.” These rumors and allegations about her steroid use have never been proven in drug tests, but then again, neither have many other allegations that we all know are true. It really doesn’t matter; the point of the story is that Florence was able to beat any runner in the world — even today, 28 years later — because she possessed an unfair advantage: steroids (supposedly). That practice isn’t legal in sports, because it allows you to achieve superior results, far better than the “normal” regime of training, nutrition, and genetics allow you to attain. In other words, Flo-Jo was able to tap an insane source of power that made her far more advanced, thus allowing her to become the fastest woman in history. Just think about this: before her miraculous change in 1988, her results were mediocre, at best. It didn’t matter how much training she performed vigorously, how strict her nutrition was, or how innovative her coaching staff was. Steroids are the game-changers. In spectator sports, the spirit of competition means doing anything possible within the rules to enhance performance using talent and sheer power of will. You can’t “cheat.”

In investing, it isn’t about sportsmanship. Some people get access to much better advice, better fees, products, opportunities, resources, leverage, and partners because they have the money to pay for them. Fund managers ask clients for a minimum of $5MM – $500MM if they want to have their funds managed by the firms with the most proven track records on Wall Street. It’s not a fair game at all. It’s BUSINESS. Now, you can moan and complain about this reality, but it’s called capitalism, and the same rules that you frown about are the ones that can elevate you to riches and that you can CAPITALIZE on. There are legal steroids in business, called resource stocks. If you want to compound your way to riches, you better realize the average person working on an above-average annual salary of $50,000-$60,000 and that saves 10%-15% of his income will have around $1MM at his 60th-70th birthday. That works out great if your plan is to leave your life’s work to the next generation. If you are reading this, you are a TIME BENDER. You want financial independence at age 35-40, max. If that is your plan, you must become a legal Flo-Jo. Resource companies are your ticket to turn 30-40 years of patient compounding (which individuals rarely stick to and succeed at) into a decade of astronomical returns. How do you get your hands on “legal steroids?”

Just like real steroids, resource companies should be bought only in specific critical situations. Athletes use them before the world championships or Olympics. Investors should buy them after their prices have been slashed 60%-90% and they are the cheapest they have been in years. In other words, after a sustained bear market. Athletes use steroids because they see an enormous opportunity, and they want to seize it no matter what, despite inherent risks. Investors should speculate with resources when such immense opportunities present themselves.

Athletes get disqualified if they are caught. Speculators get to enjoy life and brag if they succeed.

The resource market is cheap beyond recognition today. Oil prices, which are the largest expense of mining, are near 13-year lows, and central banks have made interest rates negative. Like real steroids can kill you if you overdo it, resource stocks can as well.

How do you score the best “steroid stocks?” Just like real ones, get as close as you can to the insiders. They are the people who get presented with the best opportunities first, and when you align yourself with them, you have just scored legal steroids. That’s what Wealth Research Group is all about.

Your biggest opportunity is right in front of you today. Be wise about it and enjoy the fruits of your decision 5-10 years and 5-10 baggers from now.

Bend time.

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