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Who Will Run the FED?

To go to the moon and back, a manned spacecraft travels 768,000KM – it’s a big mission, which takes 3-5 days each way. The Saturn 5 rocket, for example, is a 36-story tower, which attempts to get the astronauts and their equipment into outer space.

Propulsion is all about mathematics, physics and chemistry. Each object in the known universe has mass and creates what’s called a Gravity Well. For an object to use enough propellant to defy gravity, there’s a rocket equation that is solved.

Your car, for example, doesn’t need much fuel to go from your driveway to your workplace; 3%-4% of its total mass is comprised of gasoline.

When I take a commercial plane from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the aircraft is about 30%-40% fuel, as compared to the weight of the entire vessel.

But the Saturn 5, to use it again as an illustration, is 85% fuel and 14% other essentials, so 99% of its mass is used to get the 1% – humans and their special equipment – onto the lunar surface.

The more gravity it is fighting, the more difficult this becomes.

We have found water trapped under the surface of the moon’s Polar Regions. If humans could separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, the moon could serve as an interplanetary patrol station, and because its gravity is only a sixth of Earth’s, the propellant would be like that of a jet airplane, which humans know how to manufacture.

Water is assumed to exist on many planets around us, so the potential for colonizing other regions seems more doable than ever before…

Coming back to Earth, though (pun intended), gold is a very big market, measured in the trillions. To move it, buyers need a lot of propellant – just like Saturn 5 – but if and when we get it, the sight of watching NASA going to the moon has captivated the hearts and minds of billions around the globe.

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    Gold is moving, and while it still hasn’t escaped its gravity well, which Future Money Trends believes is exactly at $2,000/ounce, the trend is clear.

    It takes major events to get this propulsion power for gold, but not for silver!

    My point is that silver will be the one that moves first and attracts onlookers; it’s the wildcard and we believe it has stood the test of support at $22/ounce and is now on its way to its resistance of $30/ounce.

    It is at that point that sellers will serve as gravity and many traders will definitely choose to exit; if NEW BUYERS, people who don’t normally invest in precious metals enter, the power and the push will be too much for the sellers to hold back.

    What could make people who usually are not inclined towards silver suddenly buy it?

    Biden’s populist actions, such as investigating energy companies over rising prices or re-nomination of Jerome Powell or replacing him, failure to properly deal with the debt ceiling and other worrisome catalysts could be it.

    Whatever it may be, the trend is really bullish.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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