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Real Rates Going Positive

In 1875, one of the most influential people of the past two centuries was casually, yet surgically observing nature and published a book that was about to shake the world of science for good.

Charles Darwin, making his walks through the South of England, observed a phenomenon that was literally considered to be impossible.

Have you ever been told something is impossible, even when it was right in front of you? I’ve actually been to basketball games, where a player hit a buzzer-beater and the fans were shouting “I can’t believe this, it’s impossible!”

We try to cope with extremes by defining them as impossibilities, but they are not; instead, they are experiences that are so far removed from those we are accustomed to that we label them as such.

Darwin was onto such “impossibility,” and because science was so instinctual back then, before the discovery of DNA and computing power, it was easy for powerful adversaries to simply claim that Darwin was mistaken, because his evidence wasn’t irrefutable.

What Darwin saw was a plant, a sticky one, with dozens of dead insects and their remains on and within it.

Initially, he assumed that the common sundew plant’s glue-like fluid accidentally caused these bugs to get stuck on its surface, but he had a hunch this went deeper, so he conducted a lot of research and experimenting to get to the bottom of it.

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    The last thing on his mind was that plants, which use sun and soil to do photosynthesis are, for some reason, purposely doing this to the bugs and insects, but keeping an open mind and having faith in the grandeur of nature and its infinite wisdom and intelligence, he made no assumptions and continued to follow the road to the truth.

    Darwin discovered that plants can be carnivorous.

    It was probably a statement as shocking as any that a scientist, especially a well-respected one, has ever uttered from his month, yet he backed it up with data.

    Today, we know of 600 different species of such plants that are categorized into various methods of meat-eating, from pitfall traps, snapping, suction and adhesive stickiness.

    The question that Darwin couldn’t really answer was WHY… Why would a plant change its entire purpose and eat bugs and insects?

    Today, we know the answer to this: Plants like these live in nutrient-deficient soils and aren’t getting enough nitrogen to conduct photosynthesis and sustain other functions; so they are not after the calories, but are digesting these living creatures for the nitrogen intake.

    If plants can pull off the seemingly impossible, then markets and economies can do things you’d never fathom in a million years…

    Right now, real rates are turning positive and the FED’s hawkish stance is certainly making its presence felt. If real rates are sustained and a recession is avoided, then gold’s competitive advantage as a hedge for cash is diminished, but we think that it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

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