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Breakthrough Technologies: Fortunes in 2017 and Beyond!

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Stock Market Wealth

Breakthrough Technologies: Fortunes in 2017 and Beyond!

Dec 31, 2016 | Stock Market Wealth

Breakthrough Technologies: Fortunes in 2017 and Beyond!

Investing in the Future by Positioning Now

The Western World demographics are a combination of two key, converging trends:

A. The retirement population is at all-time highs: The immense improvements we’ve experienced in the 2nd half of the 20th century are truly astonishing, but they are nothing compared to what lies ahead of us. There are more scientists and engineers alive today than have lived in all previous human history put together.

Science allows us to understand how and why things work, technology grants us the power to put theory into practice, and capital is the engine that frees time, energy, and human resources up to make use of science and technology.

Radically new technologies are coming into existence, right at a time when understanding how to help the retiring population — which makes up a substantial portion of the private capital on the planet — are in need of solutions.

Where Wealth Research Group sees tremendous opportunity, for instance, is in “personalized medicine.” These are companies that will be able to diagnose and provide value to people who are seeking treatment but where conventional technology can’t access their gene structure yet.

B. Trump’s administration policies: Pharmaceutical companies, biotech funding, the legalization of marijuana, less “red tape,” less regulation, and the first steps towards what looks like a possible return to a free enterprise system on a corporate level make venture capital more flexible to new start-ups, and there are absolute fortunes to be made.

Ever since Trump’s victory, we’ve expanded our team to include breakthrough technology experts and leveraged our “A”-list contacts in the natural resource sector to dig into the most cutting-edge companies that hold the future of technology, because we must be first in the door. 


The Futuristic Revolution

Energy: Oil, natural gas, and coal will continue to play a role in the near future, but uranium, or nuclear energy, will play an essential part of the future.

Biological engineering: This cutting-edge industry is one we are actively conducting due diligence on. In 2017, companies will be patenting technology that allows us to deliver solutions using high-tech products to medical issues that weren’t addressed before. Fortunes will be made.


Nanotech: The use of molecular-sized assemblers and supercomputers will change the character of reality itself. It amounts to pixie dust, making it possible to manipulate the 92 naturally occurring elements into useful compounds cheaply and easily.

It’s becoming possible to fabricate totally new materials, like carbon nanotubes, that are vastly more capable than any “natural” material.

The work involved in sifting through the thousands of publicly-traded companies is well worth it. Our sole mission is to strengthen your financial fortress in 2017, and we will do it by abiding to the 5 timeless principles of investing success, intelligently balancing the combination of long-term wealth, high-yield stocks, real estate, and the absolutely once-in-a-generation opportunity in natural resources and disruptive technologies.

On the 20th of January, I will be releasing my 2017 Personal 4-Seasons Portfolio – No Holds Barred, because it’s important that you use it to do your own thinking as to how you want to achieve your financial goals.

We live in a world that requires all of us to be savvy and astute with our finances, and moreover, we live in a highly uncertain time, and so we must be implementing strategies to preserve capital safely and invest it wisely.

We intend to do just that.

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