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BRICS New Currency… GET REAL!

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What the 2023 Summit Reveals

You probably know that every country in the world – especially those like the United States, Russia, and China – devote billions of dollars to propaganda. In the West, the narrative has been (at least since 1945) that we (America) stand for what’s right, it is our mission to liberate oppressed people from their tyrannical regimes, and the values of personal liberty, freedom, and free markets are the pillars of modern society.

Of course, in the same breath, America is the first to sanction and restrict free markets of countries it deems a threat.

It embarks upon military operations and wars against countries that go astray when looked at from the lens of the West, and it tries to meddle with and change the political systems of many nations.

The conclusion is that U.S. citizens are told that their way is the one that cherishes human rights and that the rest of the planet looks up to them and expects them to act on behalf of global interests and fight for justice against the enemies.

Those enemies change without cease: Japan, which was America’s archrival to the point that it was audacious enough to do what no other had done since the British and sent ships to the shores of San Francisco and Seattle and bombed Pearl Harbor.

To show any other contender in the future that the borders of the United States are never to be challenged again, the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on civilians of the opposing country! How is that cherishing human rights?

Today, Japan is a critical ally of the United States in the containment of China via the First Island Chain, which the Chinese are attempting to bypass with the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) to connect their mainland to central Asia and Europe via land.

Heck, even Israel, one of the most controversial countries in the world with many haters and proponents, did not enjoy American support until the Deep State saw the value of aiding it and becoming a very close friend towards 1970.

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    Between 1948 and 1970, the U.S. didn’t lift a finger to help Israel, and France was considered Israel’s most influential ally and partner.

    Today, contempt towards the West and its interventionist ways is at an extreme.

    Two prevailing schools of thought have always existed since the formation of the United States, with one being separatism. When this was the consensus, American interests were largely focused on the domestic front and disregarded anything outside its borders.

    Isolationism was part of the Monroe Doctrine. Until WW1, it was the prevailing foreign policy of the United States.

    Today, after nearly 100 years in the other direction, the United States has done a 180. It meddles, directs, funds, and intervenes in the affairs of most other nations.

    BRICS member nations and a reported 20-40 other countries expressing some form of interest to join believe this imperialism is more damaging than helpful and oppresses rather than contributes.

    Contrary to recent news circulations about a gold-backed BRICS joint currency, official representatives of the BRICS association have detailed that the plan is NOT to form their own currency, a process that could take up to a decade or more, but to encourage the member states and allies from the Global South to trade in their respective currencies rather than in the dollar.

    One big conclusion that will come out of the BRICS summit is how this will be done… how these countries that feel captive by the dollar hegemony will be able to distance themselves from their overreliance on it.

    For the first time in over 50 years of fiat monetary system expansion, the dollar is being rejected by many on an open and public debate. This is a big change, and it will accelerate from here.

    The genie is out of the bottle. If you live in America and you’re under the age of 50, in your lifetime, the dollar will have a moment, at which point its status will be downgraded meaningfully.

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    Lior Gantz

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