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Central Banks DO NOT Want You to Own Gold! What’s REALLY Going on Here?

Aug 10, 2018 | Uncategorized

The stated motivation and the actual agenda of central banks are two completely different things. Market-savvy investors know that the Fed does not have your financial best interests in mind, so you have to take whatever they say with a huge grain of salt and you really need to be your own biggest financial advocate.

Market machinations and currency manipulation are the government and Wall Street’s stock-in-trade, and it’s getting out of hand.

Wealth Research Group likes to shine a spotlight on these illicit activities, and in a recent interview with Gregory Mannarino, some fascinating developments in the precious metals markets have been uncovered.

Mr. Mannarino, known as the Robin Hood of Wall Street, is an active full-time trader of the capital markets and a YouTube vlogger with a worldwide following. His popular website,, gives you everything that you need to beat the market – or as Gregory puts it, “rip this market’s face off” – in one place.

According to Gregory Mannarino, no matter what happens with the U.S. dollar, the powers that be still find ways to put pressure on precious metals. He believes that they don’t want people to be in precious metals, which he himself owns. The world’s central banks and the Wall Street banks have their agenda, which is to keep people in the dollar, which is something they can control.

World governments have a vested interest in controlling currencies, be it the U.S. dollar, the euro, or any other central-bank controlled note. According to Gregory Mannarino, the situation has gotten out of their control and they will do everything in their power to keep people confused and unsure of what they should be doing. Ultimately, it’s about control and having the ability to keep people borrowing and spending, constantly in debt and unaware of the market manipulations and distortions that are happening all the time.


A quick look at spot gold will show you just how much central banks have suppressed prices:

Yet, despite these manipulations and distortions of precious metals prices, markets do run in cycles and according to Gregory Mannarino, gold and silver will return to their fair value. The major stock market indexes are at a high point in their cycle, a situation engineered by the central banks since the Great Recession. When reversion to fair value for the Dow Jones and precious metals occurs, we’ll see more reasonable valuations and precious metals holders will benefit tremendously.

Gregory’s personal strategy has been to avoid the paper ETF versions of precious metals because with no price discovery mechanism behind those ETFs, they lack any sense of reality in terms of price or valuation. Instead, Mr. Mannarino has been acquiring hard assets: physical precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Gregory Mannarino does not view these positions as mere trades: he is holding the assets for the long term. Gregory reiterates that we are in an engineered boom cycle in the equities market, and there will come a time when precious metals will achieve their true value.

Wealth Research Group completely agrees with Mr. Mannarino’s outlook on central bank agendas and the importance of precious metals as a store of value in a time when markets are prone to distortions and manipulation.

All investors should take a serious look at gold and silver, along with carefully selected mining companies, as part of their long-term portfolio.

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