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Champion’s DNA: Mega IPO Fireworks!

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

Champion’s DNA: Mega IPO Fireworks!

Jun 13, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

Anthony Lacavera is about to launch nothing short of a wealth vehicle for early shareholders of today’s IPO.

For nearly 20 years, through his mothership company, Globalive, he has amassed a personal fortune by directly involving himself with over 100 thriving start-up ventures.

Throughout his career, he chose to stay away from the spotlight, executing with expertise what he does best, developing superior software products, which can be monetized and turned into cash monsters.

Up until now, though, there was no way to partner with him, since he only dealt with private companies.

In other words, with today’s historic IPO, we are about to lock arms with a bona fide, proven, and serial entrepreneur, who has been experiencing business success after business success, without stopping for air, for 20 years. For the first time, he is launching a publicly traded company, since he realizes the gravity of this moment and its sheer, raw potential of being first to market in the A.I. industry.

Take a close look:

These companies are just the tip of the iceberg for a businessman, who has been named one of the most influential CEOs in Canada.

His biggest venture thus far has been WIND, which was sold for US$1.3B to Shaw Communications, but I believe Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE) as having the tools to be much bigger than that.

Today’s IPO, looking at the pre-market bid, will likely open around CAD$1.50. This puts the market cap at a ridiculously low CAD$225M, and, using our proprietary analysis software, we place a much higher value on their JV with Coinsquare alone – it is worth more than that opening market cap, as we see it.

Having been involved with many tech accelerators and incubators over the past decade, I can tell you that 90% of good ideas stop before getting off the ground because they can’t raise funds or are unable to find the first customer to bite the bullet and try their new product.

The fastest way to reach paying clients is to approach existing ones from other companies. In return, you must be able to show this company that it would be worth their while to allow you to access their entire client pool, so you better have measurable, quantifiable value to offer.

We’re banking on Anthony’s ability to implement this with the help of his top-notch team.

This is the Promised Land – consider becoming a shareholder of Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE) from inception!

With the founder/CEO owning 40% of the shares and 70% of the voting control, we’ve got a tiger leading this company – his business plan is to make this business a multi-billion dollar operation.

The business model is incredibly sophisticated, so we know that no other company will be able to copy it.


  1. Globalive Big Dev:  They’re building software that is used to deploy token/coin ecosystems for ICOs.

Their partner in this JV developed and launched the Kodak ONE coin.

  1. Flexiti: The model is purely focused on financial technology (fintech), disrupting the fraudulent and outdated banking system we all despise.

It offers financing to consumers at the point of sale in a wide range of retail outlets. Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE) is in a joint venture with Flexiti building blockchains and AI that will improve the consumer-financing sale and adjudication process.

  1. Coinsquare:

The one, which will have me invest over $250,000 personally in Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE), which I intend to do in the coming two weeks, is Coinsquare.

Their platform is already a leading crypto exchange in Canada. The next step is a plan to launch as a joint venture with Globalive Technolgy in the UK with the brand GT Direct (Globalive Technology Direct), and they will roll out in additional countries as they refine their customer acquisition model.

Just to give you an idea, on top of these three JVs, the company has already started working on some additional ones, such as: Hyperblock, Eigen Innovations, CivicConnect and FutureVault.

This could be the first blue-chip of the Artificial Intelligence and blockchain sector – our opportunity is to ride it all the way up, for years.

Similarly to how Bitcoin’s initial transaction was priced at $0.01, well below its true value, as the leading digital cryptocurrency, so is today’s IPO likely to be well below the true value  of this business.

This is an unbelievable moment, and it could be a legacy trade, one that will change the course of your portfolio for good.

Consider shares of Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE) now!

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