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Seven years ago, a friend of mine had gotten back from a trip to Croatia and Slovenia. I’d never heard of the pair as a tourist destination and wasn’t aware of their world-class attractions. I brushed it off and wasn’t going to spend another second on it since other spots were priorities of mine, but he told me something that piqued curiosity in my mind and allowed me to do homework and form a decision based on additional facts. I’m so glad I did! Those two ended up being one of my most memorable trips.

That same open-mindedness assists when looking at where growth can next occur in the markets. One should look at the data, digest it, and form decisions based on what was learned.

When I look at the most obvious growth industries, in my eyes, I see cannabis. The mere fact that it’s still illegal in many ways and multiple jurisdictions holds back so much innovation and demand that are still in front of us!

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Nationwide sales increased 67% in 2020!

Online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery are becoming major themes!

Two in three Americans now support legalization. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, support is at an all-time high of 68%. Among those aged 18-29, that support rises to 79%, which is where the future lies!

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    Think about the fact that the time-lapse between medical and recreational legalization is shortening. Once the first bill is passed, the second comes sooner than in past years!

    The acceleration is noticeable, and the U.S. cannabis industry is already worth $61 billion, even with all of these restrictions still in place. With that, do your homework on this one!

    The vehicle I’m riding to grab a share of market growth is BevCanna (US: BVNNF), and that’s not going to change!

    Here’s why the conviction level is so intense:

    1. Last week, the company announced that they are scaling up manufacturing to meet demand!

    Commercial manufacturing at their facility is set for immediate production of the Keef line of beverages and the lines of its two recently announced white label clients, Brujera Elixirs Inc. and Enthusiasmus Inc.

    Throughout April and May, the company is expected to finalize provincial listing discussions and enter full-scale production!

    Think about what the president of BevCanna (US: BVNNF) recently stated publicly: “At this time, our funnel of prospective clients is abundant, and we are in active conversations with groups from the initial scoping stage all the way to final contract negotiations.“​

    The icing on the cake came last week and I think you really ought to dig into the following:

    1. After completing a comprehensive market analysis, BevCanna (US: BVNNF)intends to initially launch its portfolio of Trace health and wellness products in the key markets of Japan, China, and the Philippines!

    Understand that few companies are this far ahead!

    1.6 billion people, a fifth of the global population, live in this region.

    The Asia-Pacific area is expected to witness the fastest growth over the forecast period, particularly in Japan and China.

    66% of Asian consumers believe in superfoods and natural health products for treating ailments, representing a prime demographic for wellness-focused products.

    The company’s share price has halved (50% down) in only two months. Now’s the time to research all of this! Look into BevCanna (US: BVNNF)!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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