DOOMED: Tesla & Apple At Terminal Risk Without THIS!

Mad Scramble Going On At A Global Scale

Elon Musk’s company is drowning, but it’s not just because fatal accidents are occurring with his latest cars – it’s because he MADE A PROMISE that he can't keep in a million years.

Human rights groups are pursuing legal action to prevent global superpowers, such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others, from buying cobalt linked to slavery and child labor.

Around the world, only 2% of cobalt is directly mined. The rest is a by-product of copper and nickel mines, so a highly-accomplished entrepreneur (G. Ewing) has carefully and skillfully taken over two cobalt projects in Chile, which is one of the top three mining regions in the world.

Wealth Research Group has profiled many winners over the past 30 months:

Newrange Gold Corp: 614% in 180 days.

Nvidia Corporation: 236% since mid-2016

Cara Therapeutics: 259% in 18 months.

GrubHub: 354% in 23 months.

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