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The Perfect Urbanization Play

The CEO of this company Trent Mell, told me recently that “this is going to be an aggressive group of people building one of the only pure cobalt companies out there.”

I suggest you consider making this your only Cobalt Stock for 2017!

First Cobalt (TSX-V: FCC & OTC: FTSSF)

You will potentially make a fortune with this company, as the leadership is comprised of serially-successful mining people.

Robert Cross, who is the co-founder, is the chairman of B2 Gold, a $3.2 billion market cap producer! He is a legend in Canada, and shareholders of his previous ventures have nicknamed him “the millionaire maker,” as he turned everyday people into millionaires over the past 2 decades. Now, he is building a legacy in the cobalt sector.

He was able to attract Ross Phillips, who was in the field at Sherritt International, one of the top 10 cobalt producers.

The company is rock solid in terms of cash balance, vision, structure, and projects. The Keely-Frontier Mines, controlled by First Cobalt (TSX-V: FCC & OTC: FTSSF), are the largest historic cobalt producers in the belt and the 4th-largest silver producers in the belt out of 100 mines!

Here’s what the data we pulled genuinely revealed:




1. The historical mines have the highest cobalt-to-silver ratio in the entire district at 1 pound of cobalt to 6 ounces of silver. In contrast, peers in the district averaged a 1-to-30 average!

There’s only one metal, though, that is now surging in demand and is extremely low in supply: cobalt.

Since more than 50% of the supply comes from the “blood mines” of the Congo, there is immense pressure of multinational conglomerates, such as Apple, Microsoft, Vodafone, and Tesla to stop doing business with suppliers from that region.

2. Elon Musk knows that his EVs need more cobalt than lithium in their batteries, and he has now pledged to divert the supply chain to North America and buy cobalt only from clean sources.

Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Daimler, and Toyota, which are all ramping up production big time in the electric car revolution, have all promised to cease doing business with child-laboring mining camps.

Cobalt is the most critical, urbanized, scientific metal.

Not only does cobalt go into every iPhone, it is one of the only minerals suitable for superalloys, required for things such as turbines, power plants, space vehicles, and rocket engines.

Wealth Research Group has spent 5 months analyzing this mineral, and my two biggest personal conclusions from this are:

1.  Cobalt is mostly a byproduct of nickel, copper, and silver mines.

2. There are no ETFs, investment funds, or even cobalt-focused miners since it’s mostly a byproduct. This is extremely bullish, as all investors will look for a pure exploration-stage cobalt stock.

We’ve already done the research ahead of time and are months ahead of the investor community, who haven’t spoken with management teams and learned exactly who has the solid projects.

The reason why I’ve been all over this company for 3 months straight, speaking with management and talking to CEO, Trent Mell, is because the strategy they are executing is leveraged to the 3 most explosive catalysts in the cobalt sector:

1. Generational Technology Gaps:

Their land claims in Canada are smack at the heart of the historic silver-cobalt rush towns that basically put Canadian mining on the world map 100 years ago, but because the silver was close to the surface and no one ever mined directly for the cobalt, this area remained untouched by modern technologies since the 60’s!

No one has yet explored all the underground potential.


To give an idea of how rich this area was, mountain police had to restrain the speculators and shareholders rushing to get a piece of the action.

There are a number of large-cap, billion-dollar mining stocks that got their first discovery implementing this exact strategy.

2. Canadian Ultra High-Grade Silver-Cobalt Veins:

Cobalt production is currently concentrated in the Congo and Russia, so politically, this is a risky and potentially fragile situation for multinational conglomerates, like Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft, not to mention the government contractors and NASA.

Diversifying into the safety of Canada is smart and calculated, and might even make their resources worth a premium over market price.

3. Politically-Vetted Congo Cobalt Mining:

The news, channels, and mainstream media are, as usual, reporting what I call “on the surface” information, which might fool foreigners, but always miss the accurate state of affairs on the ground.

When you hear about the artisanal miming, where children work in tough conditions and the political pressures to shut them down is daily, make sure you realize it’s merely 50% of the mines.

This means that the queen of cobalt, the Republic of Congo, owns land that is untapped and is considered legitimate, and First Cobalt (TSX-V: FCC & OTC: FTSSF) is eyeing and reviewing a number of them at the moment.

This is a brilliant strategy because they are new to the area and don’t have existing projects that will “bleed” cash if human rights organizations or the workers themselves protest the injustice committed in blood mines.

First Cobalt will explore the terrain of the Congo, where cobalt is found already, but without the political risk attached to blood mines.

This also makes First Cobalt a takeover target, and I always love that.


In the coming months, this management will turn this newly-formed company into a machine, running drilling programs, making acquisitions, building the resource base, and enjoying the backwind of rising cobalt prices.

Consider taking a position immediately with First Cobalt (TSX-V: FCC & OTC: FTSSF)!

Download: 21st Century Minerals: Cobalt’s Vital Role Now!

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