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by | Jun 25, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

Seriously, no one is confident that gold’s breakout isn’t just a fluke or a fading trend; I’ve never seen so much doubt in the face of such a convincing move. The newspapers are void of any articles or mentions of this surge in price that represents a 21.6% move since the September lows for gold.

In 2011, the media was obsessed with gold. Right now, especially because silver is lagging so pathetically, there’s no excitement and even plenty of worry that it will crash back down. This is classic indifferent behavior that is typical of the birth of bull markets; real ones, fundamentally-based ones.

The first phase is denial, since it’s so foreign to investors’ recent experiences, so they deduce that it can’t possibly be happening; their short-term memory is overshadowing facts, unfortunately.

Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, relishes on these types of situations. That’s the reason he’s worth $4.6B, while the average person is usually late to the party. When he sees such a move, he understands that his thesis about it is confirmed, and then he actually DOUBLES-DOWN on it.

Here’s the best way to understand it; a baby gets introduced to a new type of food, which he’s never seen and smelled before, so he sticks out just the tip of his tongue to get a taste of the flavor. Once the nervous system and his taste buds confirm the food is tasty, he opens his mouth and swallows the food, along with the spoon.

This is EXACTLY what’s going to occur now!

Investors are getting used to the idea that gold’s move is genuine, not fleeting. Algorithms will kick into high gear, banks will extend lines of credit to the miners and the tides of sentiment, which were negative towards mining since 2011, will flip like a page in a book.

I’m calling the bottom on the mining sector, right here right now.

Look at Sprott Inc’s spike yesterday – this is the company I profiled last Monday at CAD$3.10:

Next, look at Franco Nevada’s chart, the best dividend-paying gold giant, as I see it, and the ultimate royalty stock this world has ever known.

Since bottoming, my No.1 royalty stock, Franco Nevada, is up 24.8%.

Then, look at Bitcoin, which is now trading at $11,300. In 2019, it’s up 227% and there’s, literally, NO MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVERAGE of it – what an absolute perfect trade it’s been for us.

We’re making serious money right now; truly, this is generational wealth. Bitcoin is trading 45% below its all-time high right now. Franco Nevada is already trading at ALL-TIME HIGHS, Sprott Inc. is trading 62% below its all-time high, but Marifil Mines (TSX-V: MFM & US: MFMLF) is trading 84% BELOW ITS ALL-TIME HIGHS!!

It’s outrageous – look at this:

This is the reason that out of over 38 South American gold exploration stocks that I’ve researched, on valuation-basis alone, I consider this one of the most obvious bounce play, off the lows.

Yesterday, shares closed up by 47.37%, yet look at this historical chart; it speaks volumes as to the fact that yesterday was, in all likelihood, just the CONFIRMATION that the uptrend is now beginning, so I’m going to continue building my position, since the management team will soon publish the NI 43-101 on the San Roque project and that might put the seal of approval on the scope of that asset, in terms of mineralization and potential.

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Not only that, but one of the best research firms on gold explorers gave Marifil Mines (TSX-V: MFM & US: MFMLF) a price target of CAD$0.31, which would require the stock to rally up by 121% from here.

Courtesy: FundamentalResearchCorp, researchfrc. com,

Consider the opportunity in Marifil Mines (TSX-V: MFM & US: MFMLF) and make sure to research carefully the biography of the company’s Executive Vice President and head geologist, Richard Walters, since he was the FIRST PERSON to mobilize drill rigs in Argentina and his work led to discoveries that birthed Yamana Resources, the company that evolved into, Yamana Gold, which is the favorite gold stock for many large hedge funds.

He’s, basically, come out of retirement because of the potential to get add one last notch on his Argentinian belt with Marifil Mines (TSX-V: MFM & US: MFMLF)At least eight notable mineral deposits have been discovered under his direction, including two that have become mines currently in production:  Mina Martha in Argentina – one of the richest silver mines in the world, and Chandalar – the largest gold placer mine in Alaska.

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