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Physical silver coins are trading at a STEEP premium to the spot price, which tells us that once the economy re-opens and industrial usage GOES BACK TO NORMAL, prices could be migh higher. All the while, investors will keep HEDGING their distrust of the fiat monetary system by adding silver to their portfolios.

The 2009 through 2011 playbook is playing out ONCE MORE.

Back then, oil prices collapsed. Silver prices collapsed altogether, only to SURGE by close to 600%.

While that was happening, one silver investment went from CAD$0.99 to over CAD$23.50, returning a BOATLOAD to investors by being POSITIVELY-LEVERAGED to silver prices.

It’s still a TOP-PERFORMER, and since we covered it in June 2019, shares have already DOUBLED, only to correct back due to the Covid-19 crisis, giving us a WAY BACK IN.

You CANNOT beat the performance of First Majestic Silver (TSX: FR & NYSE: AG)!

Blackrock, the world’s LARGEST-EVER asset manager, is a big shareholder. Wheaton Precious Metals owns NEARLY 10% of it. The founder and person MOST RESPONSIBLE to the company’s incredible long-term success, Mr. Keith Neumeyer, owns even more shares than Blackrock does!

The company’s SECRET SAUCE is Mr. Neumeyer’s fixation with making sure that First Majestic remains as NIMBLE as possible, on behalf of the tens of thousands of retail shareholders that he and the management team work TIRELESSLY for!

As you can see, the company is PROFITABLE at today’s prices, but if silver EVEN SO MUCH as rises by 20%-25%, earnings will be massive.

This is a financially sound miner with $169 million in cash and cash equivalents and a strong focus on low-cost silver production.

First Majestic’s lowest-cost and largest-producing mine, San Dimas, has an astonishing low AISC of $8.28 to $10.10. Just this one asset produced 6,305,672 ounces of silver in 2019.

Consider shares of the PUREST silver miner on earth, First Majestic Silver (TSX: FR & NYSE: AG)!

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

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    In 2002, when the world was OBSESSING OVER tech companies, one businessman saw the opportunity with silver. This is an entrepreneur that I consider a close friend, and he has done MIRACLES in the resource industry since he entered the sector in the late 1980s.

    Today, 18 years after founding it, First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR) is considered by many to be the best silver company TO EVER EXIST. I am one of those voices.

    In 2016, when we published our coverage of it, the returns (if you knew when to EXIT) were north of 600% in less than a year!

    Silver is NOT EVEN CLOSE to its all-time high, but tens of silver mines are SHUT DOWN as we speak, even as governments are PUSHING environmental initiatives, which INCREASE the demand for silver’s benefits to the electric vehicles industry.

    That’s just the cherry on top, though. To me, the NO.1 reason to own shares of First Majestic (NYSE: AG), which I have since I can remember, is that it’s THE TOP DOG!

    Not only that, the immensity of the company’s exposure to silver is UNMATCHED in the industry.

    What I mean by that is that MORE THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY, First Majestic generates most of its revenues from silver.

    You can see that right here:

    What this means is that silver, WHICH IS MOST inversely correlated with the dollar out of all the precious metals and the one that has been LAGGING MOST, has the potential to begin leading, as we see it.

    Therefore, we want to GO WITH THE BEST, and history has shown that this company is able to generate OUT-SIZED returns in times of higher silver prices.

    This is part of the reason that Renaissance Technologies, Morgan Stanley and the Vanguard Group are large institutional shareholders!

    In 2016, even central banks were buying shares of it!

    Its current price is 60% below its ALL-TIME HIGH, even though the GDX is at 52-week highs.

    To us, that means that there’s a CLEAR opportunity here.

    Bottom line is that WHENEVER silver rises, historically, this company DELIVERS outsized returns.

    Right now, silver’s ratio to gold shows that the world doesn’t PRICE IN industrial recovery, but the re-opening is happening faster than previously thought.

    This is our opportunity. Silver was LIQUIDATED during the March lows; it has since recovered and is in a clear UPTREND.

    Consider shares of the PUREST silver miner on earth, First Majestic Silver (TSX: FR & NYSE: AG)!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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