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by | Apr 22, 2020 | Stock Market Wealth

At no other point in the past 20 YEARS, since the year 2000, has the U.S. dollar BEEN SO LOVED. The public is PARKED in cash and hedge funds were just SURVEYED and they disclosed their most EPIC-SIZED cash allocation since 9/11 happened. Being LONG USD is probably the most crowded trade in the global economy right now.

In the latter part of March, the DEMAND for cash was so DISPROPORTIONATE compared with normal times that the Federal Reserve was GOING KAMIKAZE to save the whole system from just FREEZING.

This was as close to a RESET as the system has EVER BEEN.

In other words, not even a month ago, central banks and governments were ON THE VERGE of a market event that would have required potentially CLOSING the stock market!

Since then, governments have COME TO REALIZE that they’ve created an unemployment DISASTER of biblical scale and they’re RESPONDING with trillions in infrastructure programs.

Tax revenues are COLLAPSING, which means that the Federal Reserve MUST monetize the Treasury bond issuance, an act than ALAN GREENSPAN swore the Federal Reserve would NEVER RESORT to.

The systemic risks and UNKNOWN future of government bonds have caused Ray Dalio, one of the 50 WEALTHIEST PEOPLE to ever live and the world’s foremost expert on monetary cycles, to call bondholders INSANE on national TV.

If CASH is the most loved it has ever been, bonds are the MOST EXPENSIVE, stocks are completely out of whack, and after the most HYPER-DEFLATIONARY event in the past 40 years, the SNAPBACK will be inflationary. I’m NOT TAKING CHANCES as to what business model will be best going forward.

I’ve only found ONE COMPANY that is HYPER-DISCOUNTED compared to peers and is SIMULTANEOUSLY advancing projects in both copper and gold!

Consider shares of Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF)!

Canada’s government has deemed mining an ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY, so while many other sectors are unprofitable and freezing, this company is entering DRILLING SEASON on its gold project, called Big Red, situated in the Golden Triangle region, where billions of dollars in undiscovered gold, silver, and copper AWAIT to be found!

  1. After both the 2000 and 2008 deflation, COPPER and GOLD led the commodity sector in terms of wealth creation, according to the BEST IN THE BUSINESS. 
  2. Copper is becoming an ESSENTIAL health metal; antimicrobial copper kills up to 99.9% of bacteria. The world is turning to copper. Wind and solar energy are up to 37 times more copper-intensive than conventionally-generated electricity. Governments are FORCING businesses to go greener and cleaner, and copper demand is INCREASING SHARPLY. This is before the TRILLIONS just announced for rebuilding the country!

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Their geologists have ALREADY announced 19 multi-element targets (gold, silver, and copper overlapping), with some of the HIGHEST-GRADE gold in soil targets in the Golden Triangle.

On top of that, Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF) owns two huge copper projects. Tomichi is located in the USA and comparable to the Pinto Valley Mine, which was bought from BHP Copper, a subsidiary of BHP Billiton, a $70B mining POWERHOUSE, for $650M in 2013.

Libero’s current market cap is ONLY C$9M, and its VALUATION is 66% cheaper than its nearest peer and 92% cheaper than the MEDIAN!

This is mostly because the company is UNDER THE RADAR as a newer public company:

In fact, the company’s LARGEST SHAREHOLDER is gold mining giant B2Gold, which doesn’t invest in copper at all but is SO CONVINCED that Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF) can advance Mocoa, the company’s more advanced-stage copper asset, into production that it took a position of 10% of the company.

Shares are already up 125% since the March bottom and the NEAR-TERM catalysts include major DE-RISKING activities, which could potentially change the VALUATION FOR GOOD.

The timing could be ideal, as we see it.

Consider shares of Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF)!

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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