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Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder. This is a fact, which is irrefutable. I’ve been spending time in Greece for the past 12 days, enjoying the incredible waters of Corfu, the only Greek island to never surrender to the Ottoman Empire during their conquest period.

Greece has had many enemies from without over the centuries.

A score of foreign conquerors has eyed Greece and its islands, which span the Aegean and Ionian seas of the Mediterranean.

Yet, with all of the foreign armies, which have sent troops to occupy these territories, the history of the first western democracy of ancient Greece tells us that the enemy, which defeated the mighty empire, was the Greek people themselves.

What kills happy marriages, strong partnerships, successful businesses, booming organizations, and indeed, powerful nations and empires is not a threat from without!

In fact, it is quite the contrary. When Hitler, for example, wanted to unify his people, he did it by promoting external threats. When President Bush looked to rally citizens, he pointed the blame towards Iraq and the Middle East, as the boogeyman.

No, an external enemy doesn’t kill empires at all. What toppled the Romans, the Greeks, the Dutch, the French, and the British and will eventually bring down the dollar is division from within.

The media focuses on Trump’s wars with China. The gold bugs zoom in on the mountains of debt, which the U.S. has compounded, and the crypto bulls believe that blockchain is on the verge of replacing fiat currencies, but none of these three threats are truly ominous to the USD’s domination.

The U.S. government is now paying the highest interest rates out of the developed nations, so you can bet sovereign money, as well as pension funds, private equity groups, and institutional powerhouses, will continue to prefer Treasuries over European bonds, which can’t even beat inflation or Japanese bonds, which are as attractive as entering a deadly snake pit in the dark.

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    The Dollar isn’t going to die due to the national debt, as I see it, either. The government can raise taxes again, force corporations to bring all foreign money to the homeland, cut entitlements, if they must, and postpone retirement age.

    Yes, debt is an issue, but not an imminent one. As I’ve said before, by 2025 China will be the world’s largest economy, and by 2035 it will own the largest military, at which point the Dollar might face major headwinds because America won’t be able to print as much. However, this isn’t my most pressing concern, since it is 7-17 years away.

    I own plenty of gold and silver to safeguard my family from a shock event, so bring it on.

    The Chinese trade wars are overblown as well. Negotiations require playing hard-ball, especially when previous arrangements have been so unbelievably advantageous only to one party, China. Things will blow over, and these two countries will collaborate soon.

    Bitcoin, an asset, which has made a more positive impact on my financial well-being than any other trade in the past four years, is amazing, but it is like a beautiful seed, not a mature flower.

    The technology behind it will revolutionize our planet, but don’t expect to be paying in Bitcoin anytime soon for your daily expenses. It’s too early for that.

    The alternative media tends to sensationalize its own stories, just like the mainstream media does on her front. Be balanced in your mind, not an extremist, which always results in error.

    This is the reason that I do own physical precious metals, but have never put more than 7% of my net worth in them.

    I also want you to consider the fact that gold is plummeting in USD terms, but it is outperforming many other currencies, so for Turkish investors, for example, owning gold has been a great investment. Converting it back to fiat soon would allow holders of it to buy properties in Istanbul for far better valuations than before.

    Gold is universal—remember that.

    I really want to focus, though, on the Dollar’s most imminent threat, because I haven’t seen ANY mainstream outlet, or any alternative media outlet reporting on this.

    It is the enemy from within, which could cause the USD to become irrelevant as the world’s reserve currency. It is an immediate threat, not one that is years away, and it could be an overnight event, which changes the importance of the dollar forever.

    Wealth Research Group is working on a full-length documentary on this topic, which we will release on September 8th.

    This Thursday at 08:00 AM CST, I will devote the entire letter to it. The ramification of such a process, which is already in motion, is severe to holders of USD debt.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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