The Most Undervalued Lithium Stock – Bar None

Top-Awarded Management 
Could Reap Giant Profits for Shareholders

Elon Musk has no chance of meeting goals without the essential resource this company explores: Lithium!

My name is Lior Gantz, founder of Wealth Research Group, and you may have heard me on live Radio, or seen the interviews financial channels online invite me to participate in.

The past 46 days have been remarkable, as I have read and studied countless presentations from the entire spectrum of Lithium mining shares.

The greatest lesson learned is that 92% of publicly traded Lithium companies are absolutely stuck.

Advantage Lithium (TSX-V: AAL & OTC: AVLIF) is by far the highest potential Lithium company in the world right now.

What struck me about the agreement with Orocobre the most, is that now Advantage Lithium’s geologists are in charge of drilling programs in 5 of Argentina’s “Lithium Triangle” most promising projects.

Ross McElroy, PDAC’s 2014 “Mining Person of the year”, who is in charge of 2 major discoveries in the past 3 years, and Dev Randhawa, Fission Uranium’s Founder CEO, who is Northern Miner “Mining Person of the Year”, are leading the team.

These 5 properties were transferred from Orocobre in exchange for 31% of shares!

The man is charge of constructing this brilliant JV partnership that has locked in Advantage Lithium and the shareholders in the perfect position is CEO and President, David Sidoo, who made history when he founded American Oil & Gas, which had an IPO value of $8M, and was later sold for $650M. That’s enough to turn your $10,000 investment into $812,000!

Not only is Advantage Lithium (TSX-V: AAL & OTC: AVLIF) not stuck, but now, they are partnered with Orocobre, which has Blackrock, the largest private equity group out there, and Vanguard, the largest mutual fund firm in the world, as strategic shareholders.

The aggressive growth potential is nothing short of spectacular, and right now is an ideal entry point when the company is incredibly cheap.

Consider Shares of
Advantage Lithium (TSX-V: AAL & OTC: AVLIF)
as your top company to partner with and profit 
from the Electric Cars Explosive industry potential!

In order to lock in a position tight, buy up to CAD$1.04 and US$0.79, as these are ideal technical price points.

The company’s projects include the Cauchari JV.

The company is fully funded with $7M, and is drilling 5 holes in order to expend the existing inferred resource.

Unlike the majority of projects I examined, this one has rock-solid infrastructure, and could be developed in an accelerated speed.

Here’s the real beauty, not only will Orocobre help us on the ground, by leveraging their existing connection with government, permitting and community ties, but the Cauchari is similar to Olaroz deposit, which means that they can be processed together.

Lithium is in a full-swing bull market, which is set grow by 10% annually, and supply is just not sufficient.

What I have had to learn the hard way is that commodity boom cycles wait for no one and nothing – they just occur spontaneously and without early notice – Lithium is going to charge higher, and if want to be positioned ideally for what Elon Musk, Larry Page and top billionaires are calling the “White Petroleum” bull market, the most undervalued stock, embodying the synergy of sharp and intuitive mining entrepreneurs, highest-potential discovery projects and fortress balance sheet is Advantage Lithium.

The wild card here, which could make us seriously profitable, is that Advantage Lithium flagship Nevada project is the only one with water rights. I couldn’t believe how many companies waste their shareholders’ money by spending it on assets that won’t have access to water, which are vital for Lithium mining.

Not only that, but the property boarders Albermarle’s production, the only North American producer!

This could spark a bidding war, and reminds me, to a great extent, GoldCorp taking over Kaminak Gold a few years ago, which made shareholder of the small-cap Kaminak wild profits.

Clayton NE already had 3 successful drill holes and more drilling is being done.

Advantage Lithium is diversified between Argentina’s “Lithium Triangle”, Nevada’s only project with its own water rights, and a number of promising properties in Mexico.

At a market cap of CAD$50M, it doesn’t even come close to what majors pay for the scope and caliber of people and management that this company has.

The Lithium bull market will create fortunes, and this is our ticket to participate big time in the profit pie.

Consider shares of
Advantage Lithium (TSX-V: AAL & OTC: AVLIF)
as your top stock in the entire lithium industry for 2017!

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