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CRYPTO BREAKTHROUGH: Chris Coney on What to Look for in Cryptocurrency for 2019

by | Stock Market Wealth, Personal Finance

Stock Market Wealth

CRYPTO BREAKTHROUGH: Chris Coney on What to Look for in Cryptocurrency for 2019

Jan 12, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth, Personal Finance

Cryptocurrency watchers and investors have seen the precipitous rise and retracement of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies over the past two years. With Bitcoin and other cryptos trading at a massive discount, how can we expect cryptocurrencies to perform in the coming year and what catalysts should we look for?

To get a sense of crypto’s likely path in 2019, Wealth Research Group chatted with Chris Coney, Bitcoin consultant, educator, and founder of A full-fledged educational hub, Cryptoversity provides informational products on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains.

With the objective of boosting crypto adoption, separating money from the state, and creating a competitive landscape that offers equal opportunities for individual economic prosperity, Cryptoversity reinvests their revenues to expand crypto education, reach more people, and expand their awareness of what is now possible.

Chris Coney also hosts a popular YouTube channel, The Cryptoverse, which provides a regular dose of news and commentary on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains. A firm believer in the free market, the equality of opportunity, and the value of education, Chris Coney’s videos showcase his moral, ethical, and philosophical interpretation of current events.

Courtesy: Chris Coney

Wealth Research Group tapped into Mr. Coney’s knowledge base, asking him for his outlook on cryptocurrency in 2019. According to Chris Coney, investors should keep an eye out for a Bitcoin ETF this year, but they should also look for nations turning their currencies into cryptocurrencies.

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    As Mr. Coney points out, in 2018 we saw the Petro Coin in Venezuela being backed by that nation’s oil reserves. And according to Chris Coney, he has already seen stirrings that Iran might create a cryptocurrency out of their own currency in order to circumvent U.S. sanctions.

    Chris expects to see this happen more and more in 2019; once people and nations see the benefits of blockchain technology as a means to make themselves more sovereign, they’ll move into the cryptocurrency space. However, according to Chris Coney, most of these will be national cryptocurrencies, so they won’t be free, open, and borderless.

    Mr. Coney also expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise Treasury interest rates, putting a squeeze on all of the corporate and private debt around the world. That, according to Chris Coney, will increase the risk of financial crisis, which raises the question of how cryptocurrency will perform during a financial crisis.

    Courtesy: Chris Coney

    According to Chris Coney, we might get the answer to that very question this year – and Chris does see two potential catalysts for cryptocurrency in 2019. The first of these is the Hedera Hashgraph platform, which has gone into development and is likely to provide a positive surprise for the crypto markets. The other catalyst that Mr. Coney mentions is Telegram, which had a massive token sale last year and will probably resurface with exciting developments in 2019.

    Chris Coney had much more to say about the future of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, so be sure to listen to his entire interview with Wealth Research Group. You’re also invited to visit to further your education on the wide world of digital assets.

    Wealth Research Group also has plenty of educational resources for you to access today, including our report revealing how a premier cryptocurrency expert cracked the code of Bitcoin price prediction, our urgent report on how state-issued currencies will topple the U.S. dollar, as well as our Domestic Cancer: America’s Biggest Challenge report with critical data on the major attack being perpetrated on U.S. soil today.

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