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Cryptocurrencies Explode!

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

Cryptocurrencies Explode!

Mar 4, 2017 | Stock Market Wealth

Cryptocurrencies are the Future of Financial Technology and are becoming vital and have demonstrated tremendous value with investors – especially with the possibilities of storing wealth in technology-based blockchains.

What we’re seeing right now is Bitcoin discovering intrinsic value.

It all comes down to developing new strategies to exploit the potential and advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

The true value comes from the network and technology itself, the cryptographic code’s integrity, and the decentralized network.

The new form of value bears several attributes seen in longstanding stores of value, along with some newly introduced attributes to the technology. The blockchain technology has the power to unleash other revolutionary options.

Current State of the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrencies benefit the broader macroeconomic community, as it allows us, as consumers, to access the global payment network.

We are no longer forced to open a bank account or show credit history when accessing the technology.

Being outside the corrupt banking system is the main idea.

The development of the cryptocurrency market has occurred mainly due to the investments made by venture capitalists in technology infrastructure. This is now intensifying, and I speak with entrepreneurs.

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Our research over the past 3 years into cryptocurrencies has resulted in two main conclusions:

  1. You’d better learn to adapt to them and allocate savings into the right ones.
  2. They will trade with extreme volatility, because I see speculators piling in and not just consumers.

There are countless FOREX day traders and speculators, but the volume of national fiat currencies is much larger so these fluctuations aren’t noticeable like they are in Bitcoin.

What I love about Bitcoin is the technology’s actual potential and its capacity to survive numerous legitimacy tests.

Much more than fiat currencies, which have value because of the governments’ ability to generate taxes, cryptocurrencies are truly a store of value.

They offer secure transfer, limited personal data exposure, and speed.

Venture capitalists have been pouring money into the market because consumer demand is driving future growth, and with so many large retail companies accepting payment, it’s growing daily.

I am watching closely, as there are many challenges before it becomes widely used.

In all the conferences I attend, the main subject is the creation of software, along with policy toolkits, internal controls, and procedures to get the level of reliance that will sufficiently allow the average guy to participate.

In the coming years, there will be new professions related to this industry, and currently, Tom Beck and I are analyzing stocks with disruptive technologies that service this industry.

Like marijuana legalization, this sector is pioneering right now, and we’ve got the opportunity to position early.

What the Future of the Market Holds

This market is in its infancy.

Being a disruptive technology, it will have to go through criticism and regulatory hurdles.

This process will actually be necessary – creative new products are entering the market, and the prices of the different cryptocurrencies are becoming more stabilized. All of these factors are boosting the confidence of market investors.

Regulations will attract entrepreneurs who want to see the validity of this technology, and that’s when we’ll make fortunes with small-cap blockchain stocks.

We’re approaching the next generation of cryptocurrencies, which will provide new modes of transfer, along with asset and wealth creation opportunities capable of reshaping much of what is currently possible on the Internet.

This is the future of money, and Wealth Research Group is at the forefront.

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