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DEMOLITION 101: FED Deliberately Sinks MARKET!

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Expectation Management Scheme
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“What’s the secret of a great marriage? It’s not looks, nor intelligence, nor money — it’s low expectations.” Warren Buffett’s relationship advice holds true in politics and in the markets as well; the more you lower expectations, the more you remove speculators and weak hands and stay with the conservative-minded people, which is exactly what the FED is doing right now.

In my adult lifetime, I’ve never seen the central bankers assume a more concentrated and deliberate campaign of expectation management to the downside, harping and pounding the table on all of the various reasons that the economy could falter, struggle, go under and suffer inflationary pressures and labor bottlenecks than in 2022.

Is this the same institution that said it didn’t see any housing bubble in early 2008?

Just before sitting down to write this, my wife, our 5.5-year-old and our infant twins, now just nine weeks old, took our first stroll of Tel Aviv as a family. My wife and I have been out with the twin boys before, but not with our daughter, who spends her morning in pre-school.

Saturdays, right around lunchtime, especially on sunny spring days like this one, Tel Aviv is super-busy and teeming with life. Coffee shops are packed with lines and waiting lists, as outsiders come in to frequent the city. The beaches are so busy that you can’t even see the sand, on account of all the blankets spread out for the tanners. Restaurants are fully booked and the parks are gushing with family Bar-B-Qs or playing ball.

Come Sunday, the equivalent of Monday morning in most countries, people go back to work and complain about Tel Aviv ranking as the most expensive city on the planet for 2021. Real estate prices are nuts and rentals are beyond the comprehension of anyone, but on Saturdays, it’s all smiles, as these worries are pushed aside.

I think a lot about this, about the cost of living here and about housing prices and I can tell you that for every apartment and room, whether old, renovated or modern, there are SCORES of inquiries.

The baby boomers see their children trying to come up in the world, saving every penny to go to university, pay rent, get married, have children and get a mortgage, so they help out.

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    In a recent study in America, 43% of millennials have said the only way they can afford their lifestyle is because of parental assistance.

    Many smart billionaires are predicting a recession, a housing bubble and various calamities, since interest rates are going through the roof (no pun-intended), but it’s because they look at traditional valuation metrics and don’t account for the fact that for the first time in human history, an entire generation (the baby boomers) is wealthy as hell and has nothing better to do with its savings than to pay it forward to its children.

    There might be a recession… there might even be a squeeze on mortgage bearers, but there is also a cushion of savings the size of which we’ve never seen in human history, ready to help and assist, especially when it comes to housing.

    Morgan Stanley is calling every uptick a bear market rally to be sold. Blackrock is saying the world of muted inflation and slow growth is over and done with, and Jamie Dimon is forecasting extreme pain for the U.S. consumer, while virtually every person you speak with is telling you that real estate is in a bubble; expectations could not be lower…

    If you love buying cheap, it’s time to accumulate and be patient.

    By the way, gold stocks just triggered a major BULLISH SIGNAL:

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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