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The United States has never had a president quite like Donald Trump. His voters aren’t just Republicans; they are “Trumpers.” Some are even called “Forever Trumpers.” They believe in the man, in his message and will immediately react toward and comment about anything that attempts to undermine the validity and logic of any of his speeches, policies or actions. Whenever we published anything that didn’t praise President Trump, we received a fair share of inbound emails, saying that we “don’t understand what we’re talking about.”

Trump has such a loyal following that his place in history as a well-loved president is assured, since 74.2M American voters and their families won’t just forget about him, if on January 20th he doesn’t remain president. The problem is that while 74.2M will remember him as a great commander in chief, the others will not.

Trump has created a movement around him, with supporters who stand behind what he does and genuinely trust his motives.

On the flipside, there are just as many, if not more, American voters, who hate, loath and despise President Trump. He represents everything they hate about America and they’d rather elect Joe Biden, who clearly has far less charisma and isn’t considered a political maverick, even with millions of his voters. Those people, the “Never Trumpers,” just don’t want to see Donald Trump in the White House for even another second.

It’s quite a unique state of affairs; America has never been so torn over the character and abilities of a sitting president. No other leader has ever been at such odds with the mainstream media and no other president ever spoke with such blatant sincerity against topics he didn’t believe in. Trump doesn’t attempt to please voters just for the unity affect; he goes with his truth, like it or not.

American presidents have traditionally looked for compromise, unity and finding middle ground, while Trump has stated, while campaigning and in his time in office that his mission is to clean the stables, drain the swamp and put America first.

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    Trump is thinking about 2024, in our opinion, and wants to pave the way for a landslide victory. His tactic is truly stunning, since he took a subject that all Democrats are for, which is giving out $2,000 checks to all qualifying Americans, and has now tied it to Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. This is a controversial clause, which social media giants have leveraged to their advantage in order to shadow ban, dispute and censor much of the free speech on their platforms if their fact checkers deem it inappropriate, a tactic that hurts Trump mostly.

    This clause is so vital to Trump’s election hopes in 2024 that he is now tying its removal with the $2,000 stimulus checks. If Democrats don’t agree with repealing it, he will present it as if he wanted to help Americans, but Democrats stopped him from signing the bill into law.

    Like him or not, these are pretty brilliant negotiation tactics.

    Guiding Principles for 2021 

    In 2021, this guiding principle, if used without qualification, especially with the rapid changes the world is undergoing, could be a major source of opportunity and getting doors opened for you!

    In 2021, you must keep an open mind and become tolerant towards every person and any ideas that stand in stark contrast with your own.

    Engaging in conversation from the attitude of tolerance and patience is a prerequisite for gaining the respect of your counterpart. It also allows you to receive information that you might have missed or just have not understood the importance of.

    A willingness to listen is what turns enemies into friends. It allows for growth, since you now understand where other people are coming from and their point of view. You’ll be better equipped to supply their demands from a business perspective and more able to be their friend.

    Tolerance and an open mind on all subjects improve your imaginative skills and capabilities; you’re able to control your emotions, since you’re not upset with the world for not seeing things the way you do.

    Tolerating others at all costs does not mean ACCEPTING their opinion whatsoever. It means respecting the endless diversity of the human race. All incoming information and claims must pass through your rigorous critical thinking, but your ability to let others present their case is an invaluable social and business advantage!

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