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DREADED: WW3 Has Begun – NEWS from the FRONT!

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To Infinity and Beyond

“This is the beginning of the new beginning,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson, who was sworn in this past May. He was talking about Artemis 1, which we’ll get to. In 2022, the race to space was boosted by thrust and ignition, with private players and government alike all competing for first dibs on the universe.

Images of the oldest known star, Earendel, or WHL0137-LS, were shown to the public, as well as images of the furthest known planet orbiting a sun. If that wasn’t enough, James Webb telescope, the most expensive and advanced ever made, got a glimpse of the surface of our sun!

On November 16th, Artemis 1 embarked on a 45-day mission to orbit the moon and returned on December 11th, and proved that NASA is getting ready to send astronauts to the moon, this time with the purpose of extended stays, settling on the lunar surface and establishing a basecamp.

At current pace, the first humans will even land on Mars in the decade of the 2030s.

Having said all this, space is not all pink and rosy nebulas and accolades and high-fives in NASA operation rooms; make no mistake about it… the race to space is WW3!

Control over Earth’s orbit, colonizing the moon and militarizing it and exploiting natural resources in space, are all big-ticket items, UP FOR GRABS.

In the 1960s, the Cold War’s race to space was over hegemony in satellites. The Soviets and the Americans wanted to prevent the other side from reaching ballistic missile capabilities or launching nuclear warheads. Of course, it was also about prestige, as getting to the moon first showed technological superiority.

Today, China and Russia are chasing the United States in a war over the most important battlefield, which is lower orbit, where all satellite communication, International Space Station and spaceships travel.

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    The stakes are unimaginable: location triangulations, meteorology, news, internet, information, electricity and asteroid exploration are all financial incentives to advance space technology, but these are just the tip of the iceberg…

    What really takes precedence is military hegemony…

    In the coming years, you’ll start hearing the term ‘Space Assets’, because if you have eyes in the skies – not Earth’s skies, but orbit – then no army base, submarine, jet fighter or secret airstrip can hide anymore.

    Your entire country’s infrastructure is exposed, and espionage is taken to the next level.

    There are just over 3,350 operational satellites in orbit, as of today, with over half of them originating in the United States, most of which have commercial applications. America clearly rules and Donald Trump was the one who created the USSF, which will be in charge of manufacturing fighter spaceships, laser capabilities, anti-space-missile defenses, suicide spaceships and more.

    No country wants to be second, because the crown jewel is an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. If you can disrupt another country’s communication lines, broadcasting infrastructure, like the internet or the grid, or if you can attack straight from space without sending troops, with stealth and without prior warning, that’s terrorizing to the enemy.

    WW3 is on and the victor will have control over orbit.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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