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Drop Everything: Critical Update

Jun 13, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

We’ve hit the jackpot – it’s just the tip of the iceberg! Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE) is firing on all cylinders.
I’ve never seen a better-priced IPO in 18 years of investing – this is the most favorable trading action, and we’re extremely pleased to be accumulating shares, on a personal level, at these levels. Mark my words – this is a brief moment in time, where making the correct decision will result in a lifetime of prosperity. We’ve been bombarded with incoming emails regarding a U.S. ticker symbol for this stock, and we are going to publish a time-sensitive update the second the ticker is made public – Canadian companies start their way on the TSX-V and then obtain an OTC symbol next, so it’s definitely in the works. Wealth Research Group will be releasing an exclusive interview with Mr. Anthony Lacavera, the founder/CEO, who I personally believe will hit a personal net worth of over $1B from this one company, just like Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page did with Microsoft and Google. In the big picture, what I want to make sure sinks in, is that in the software world, the minute you get your foot in the door, it’s extremely difficult to replace you. Said differently, once a company, as large as Visa or Mastercard, for example, makes a contractual agreement with a software company to use their services for their global network of employees, the cost of migrating to different software is almost unbearable, so being first to market is imperative. The sheer downside risk of training thousands of employees again and again and the potential for human error and lost time, are overwhelming, which is why Globalive Tech has a clear advantage by offering their software and products in the A.I. sector well ahead of the competition. This is really the key. Globalive Tech (TSX-V: LIVE) is focused solely on creating Joint Ventures with companies that have a built-in customer base, so that it gets its foot in the door and then begins to monetize and rollout more product offerings to an existing customer base. It’s brilliant. Sony PlayStation, the consule, is not how Sony makes its money – that is just the carrot to get you to buy the real product – the games, are where big money is made. Licensing its software, building cash flowing funnels to bill clients on a monthly basis, and incorporating Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology into the core of the business, could make this company as big as the tech giants. In 2017, Wealth Research Group covered ETH at $12 and saw it rally 9,000% in a matter of months – this is our 2nd opportunity to experience a setup, which could rival that.

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