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EARTHQUAKE: Founder of Litecoin Linked to DMG!

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Stock Market Wealth

EARTHQUAKE: Founder of Litecoin Linked to DMG!

Mar 7, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

Apart from uncovering the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, what happened today is the biggest news in the blockchain sector!

I’m in the midst of a non-stop marathon to put together our Fat Cash Wires Options Trading report and to get my head wrapped around this incredible inflation-proof commodities stock. I was invited by management to examine closely, when DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX-V: DMGI & US: DMGGF) dropped a bomb the size of Alaska on the cryptocurrency market.

Contacts of mine in the City of London financial district, as well as in Hong Kong and Japan, have all emailed in the past hour, since it was announced that Charlie Lee, the legendary founder of Litecoin (LTC) is an influential shareholder of Blockseer, which was just acquired, 100%-owned, by DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX-V: DMGI & US: DMGGF).

This is exactly what Wealth Research Group was expecting, in terms of how the smartest people in the cryptocurrency world would adapt to the regulatory environment in the U.S. and abroad.

Like we indicated last week, Wall Street is investing heavily into blockchain companies, issuing patents of their own and acquiring businesses that are directly related with cryptocurrencies – the next step is for the biggest names in the blockchain sector to transition over to the massive capital markets.

ICO’s have a mountain of regulations still to overcome. Cryptocurrencies do not appeal to the traditional retail investor yet, so blockchain-focused companies, such as our No.1 diversified pick, DMG Blockchain, make for the ideal asset to own because stocks are completely risk-free, when it comes to their regulatory status and are easier to purchase via brokerage accounts.

The most important distinction, though, between DMG Blockchain and any of the cryptocurrencies, is that DMG is a business, which is generating cash flow and profits, whereas any of the cryptocurrencies and related projects, are pure speculations at this point.

Charlie Lee has opened the door for other pioneers in this sector to make this leap, and this news can take on a life of its own.

As it stands, DMG Blockchain Solutions is entering an aggressive growth period, with their facilities ramping up to hit their 60MW goal.

Through additional acquisitions and through the securing of new mining clients and the establishment of additional institutional relationships, using the contacts of the exiting management team, especially with the fact that Charlie Lee now backs this company, we’re part of the 1st wave of investors to be part of this revolution.

Wealth Research Group alerted on Litecoin when it was trading at $20. With Charlie Lee’s leadership, we saw massive gains, as LTC skyrocketed to $350. His talents will now be put to use as an advisor to Blockseer and DMG will reap the direct rewards of this valued addition to the team.

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