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Ego Walls

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Ego Walls

Jul 10, 2016 | Personal Finance

Ego WallsIn Africa, the country of Sierra Leone is well known for its diamonds. Among the dirt, mud pools, lakes, and jungles lie some of the world’s most valuable stones. Work lords enslave young men to sift all day through dirt and mud so that they might find a tiny bright and shining diamond. Born out of the magma that erupted millions of years ago, lava cooled in specific regions of the world with just the right temperature, moisture, exposure to sunlight, and soil to become diamonds. They are very expensive because they are majestic. If a work lords sees a worker stealing even the smallest of stones, he might kill him.

The ego, seat of the willpower, is the most valuable asset your body possesses. It is the diamond in the rough. Why would you allow anyone to touch or steal it? 

Even though this is true, most of us allow all sorts of people to steal our precious irreplaceable diamond.

They come to us with their worries, burdens, gossip, and nonsense. We can’t afford to damage our egos with our own worries, let alone other people’s. We all need a technique for protecting our diamond from the effect of negative thinking. That’s why we need Ego Walls:

Outer Wall

The first wall has several doors, and they are open to those who have proved worthy of your time. Learn to say “no” to people more than you say “yes.” Your time is budgeted, and you have goals to accomplish. Respect yourself and others will as well. After a while, this habit will attract to you people who hold important information, rather than trivial data.

Inner Wall

The second wall is much taller and has a single door. This is reserved only to those whom you have a mutual benefit with. Let in only those select few who deserve to be your inner circle, and are considered to be your “small council.” They will be privy to your plans, desires, and goals, so they must possess a trait that you regard highly. This mastermind alliance you form here will be worth the world to you.

Secret Wall

The third and final wall is strictly your domain. It is so tall that no one can possibly climb it, and it has no doors whatsoever. This is the protector of your ego, and is entirely independent in your thinking. Inside this wall, your most important decisions will be determined and your willpower will be strengthened. There’s a reason no one is allowed in here. They might infect your sacred domain with negativity – thoughts of despair, disappointment, depression, sickness, and poverty. Keep them out at all costs. You do no one any favor by budgeting time to hear his or her complaints.

In the jungles of Africa, they kill diamond stealers, and your ego is worth much more than shining, cooled lava – it is the dominator of willpower, and willpower is what grants you the energy to do anything you wish to do.

When you begin to practice Ego Walls, just remember that this is done for a great purpose – to live your life to the fullest. You must learn to say “no” with a smile.

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