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EMERGENCY LANDING: Dollar’s Erosion Will Be UGLY!

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Stock Market Wealth

EMERGENCY LANDING: Dollar’s Erosion Will Be UGLY!

Dec 18, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

I have friends, who have served in the world’s elite army units. They can’t reveal too many details about Rambo-type operations, but they are always happy to discuss what these units are looking for, regarding people’s characters and core values. 

Being a soldier in one of these outfits is hard enough, but serving as a leader, an officer, is even more challenging.

I asked many of these friends what qualities they look for when sifting through the regiment and choosing which individuals will continue onto the higher ranks. The answers revealed plenty of insights, as to what is truly important on the battlefield.

When watching Hollywood movies about covert missions or live combat deep in enemy territory, we get the feeling that being in top physical shape is critical, but many of these older officers are past their prime, 15-20 years after they began their careers. It’s not how many miles you can run that determines how far you can go in the ranks of commando units.

It’s what is in between your ears and in your heart.

Many of these units test character in various manners. One common way is to hang a horizontal rope just a few centimeters above the sand and ask everyone to dig a personal tunnel or trench under the rope, as fast as possible without touching it. If you accidentally touch this thin rope, you must start over, after covering the hole you dug with sand. This is, of course, a major blow for you, if you want to win, so competitive-natured recruits are inclined to lie and not start over.

The psychological test here is subtle because the commanders are playing the role of not looking at what’s going on. They are a few hundred yards away, chatting away, giving the impression that this particular drill is of less significance to them, but they have one person on the lookout, who is writing down all the recruits’ movements, especially, those who are cheating, exploiting the fact that no one is supposedly looking.

Intentional honesty is critical because when leading soldiers into suicide missions, where the risks are enormous, you must put your faith in a person that is honest with himself and with others.

Politicians, central bankers, and many of the world’s most influential billionaires have been totally dishonest, on purpose, deliberately stalling and procrastinating. They chicken-out of telling the American people, indeed telling everyone the truth about global debt for so many decades that the truth has become such a distant reality that no one cares about it anymore.

Two days ago, I was standing on the 43-meter Kawarau bridge in New Zealand’s South Island, the location of the original commercial bungee jump.

While waiting to be briefed and tied to the cord, the conscious mind begins to go rampant. Excuses float up from the depths of where emotions have their origin as to why backing-out “makes sense.” A tough mental game is going on inside you, seemingly without end.

Standing with your feet on the edge of the plank exposes you to all sorts of innate fears. You are stunned by the distance between you and the flowing river below and the fact that you must have some degree of trust for the equipment, but mostly, at least in my case, the fact that the crew cannot toss you over. You must lean forward by choice, putting all the responsibility on yourself; that was the real challenge.

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    When I did skydiving in tandem, scuba dove with sharks, zip-lined between two Italian villages, flown aerobatic planes, there was always a guide, following the activity in its entirety, leading the way. Here, you face your fears all on your own.

    When the person behind me said: “3, 2, 1, BUNGEE,” I leaned forward and was on my way to getting dunked, shoulders-deep into the water. It was a triumph in overcoming all the limiting beliefs that were implanted in my mind that I couldn’t do it.

    Everyone has these thought boundaries, stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, every day, in all matters of life.

    Politicians at the highest level of government have conceptualized the limiting belief that lying to the people is favorable to openly addressing issues, and the people have put boundaries on the abilities to thrive in countries with imperfect regimes.

    My only real fear in life is of racing in circles without knowing it, which is a great motivator for me to always extend what I think is possible. I walk towards challenges because that is where growth is assured to occur.

    Standing still is not an option. We can’t afford to be static. As we begin another calendar year, hundreds of millions of people around the world will be writing their new-year’s resolution and, statistically, breaking them within less than two weeks!

    The reason is that deciding to make a change is a decision to alter habits, which requires choosing the new habit over the old one, again and again and again, until it’s done.

    This process is 90-days to 18-months long, depending on the intensity, frequency, and emotional desire of this willed change you want to institute.

    As you sit down to write these resolutions out this time around, know that SUCCESS IS A CHOICE you want to make at every turn, until you reach a unique point and BREAK the shackles of the old-self, creating a new you.

    No matter what politicians tell you or what central bankers promise you, know that the status of the dollar is akin to my position, right before I took the bungee plunge. Things are not looking good for king dollar, but its habitual path of eroding for over a century doesn’t have to be yours, necessarily. Your income doesn’t have to erode and lose purchasing power. It can double, triple or experience an absolute revolution.

    As opposed to a fiat currency, you are an individual and can reinvent yourself whenever you have some sort of a spark inside that ignites your true potential to reach the surface and show itself to others.

    Charlie Munger was broke, sick, and close to suicidal at age 32, yet became Warren Buffett’s partner within a few short years. Sam Walton started Walmart at 42. The list of people, who have made seemingly miraculous transformations, is too big to count, but behind it is an unwavering commitment to step out of the cocoon and spread wings, like the butterfly.

    Everyone else can keep on lying to you, but you don’t have to wait until the new year to start being brutally honest with yourself. Start immediately!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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