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Everyone Was Wrong.

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How’d We Get Here?

“That’s right. We don’t submit to terror… we make the terror,” – Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, in the TV show House of Cards, used this line to justify how U.S. interests deflect from troubles at home during election years. It gives us a genuine glimpse into how decisions are truly made in the highest echelons of government.

Biden’s trip to Poland and to Ukraine on the 1-yr mark of the Russian invasion into Ukraine was the launch of his 2024 election campaign.

There are a limited few who see beyond this propaganda and superficial reporting of the mainstream media, which disgraces the intelligence of humanity, but their ratings prove that in 2023, many people are still far too lazy to really dig deep and understand what’s going on.

Russia’s state-owned media is telling people that the West abducted Ukraine from the motherland, and that they’re doing this for the benefit of the population, even though the Russian military has committed atrocities of unimaginable proportions upon the civilian population, like shutting heat, electricity and water to millions in the cold.

In Ukraine, the media paints a completely different picture, of course; they tell the citizenry that Ukraine is an orderly sovereign nation (with little corruption), which is allowed to pursue independent agendas and that they have every right to grow closer to the West and open the door to American globalist interests, even though everybody knows that colluding between U.S interests and government is what got them here.

In the U.S., they show a David vs. Goliath drama, portraying Russia as a bully and Putin as a maniacal out-of-control dictator, who unprovoked, decided to pursue goals of grandeur and conquer Ukraine. Furthermore, if he isn’t stopped, he will continue to set his sights on other NATO members. We all know that’s not true and that the West didn’t want to candidly discuss alternatives with Putin, prior to the invasion; they gambled and lost.

None of us can afford to buy into any of these black and white narratives.

None of these are true or represent reality; my sources in Russia, Ukraine, the United States and elsewhere, are shaking their heads when they see the garbage spewed by the media.

I can only assume that by looking at previous times we’ve mentioned this conflict, that opinions about resolving it are far and wide.

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    So, instead of aggravating and alienating those who believe one thing and not the other, I want to focus on two key items in which agreement is critical, otherwise the worldview will be distorted and won’t allow you to think straight about this conflict and what’s at stake.

    1. Nord Stream explosion – At some point, it will become common knowledge that the Biden Administration was behind it. In the intelligence community, it’s an open secret, but the general population got to follow a Chinese weather balloon instead, to deflect from the bombshell news piece, to which the media gave zero attention.

    Just so we’re on the same page, that explosion was done by the Americans to sabotage a pipeline that the Germans (NATO ally) built with the Russians.

    In orders of magnitude, this was the Deep State playing God and could have led to nuclear exchange and WW3.

    I don’t want any president toying with the kind of hasty actions that could escalate to a great tragedy. False Flag operations are very common in American military doctrine.

    1. This war could have ended long ago.

    Back-and-forth negotiations and countless term sheets with demands have come to the forefront, but the U.S. seems to be under the impression that there’s a way to “win” this war and has rejected any.

    Sanctions were a complete and utter failure and the West is delusional about its ability to topple Putin. Unfortunately, Ukraine is standing there as the de-facto human shield of the West.

    Russia, China and the USA must make their respective wishes heard and there must be a memorandum of intentions from each side, otherwise we’ll find ourselves in a world of pain by the summer.

    No matter who you think is “winning” and whose excuse is better, nukes and civilian deaths are never a success for humanity.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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