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This is a Nightmare in
the Making for Mediocrity

When Formula 1 teams design their cars, anything that isn’t engineered in a manner that achieves aerodynamic superiority and can be constructed in the most weight-effective way, is toasted out. When you want to fabricate the world’s fastest car, reducing drag is the game you’re playing.

Not one crew member can sit idle when it is his life’s mission to make that vehicle run smoothly, and NOTHING is ever enough.

But, what do you think would happen to teams, if the standards were lowered? If just finishing a race would give you points, if just getting the car to 250 KPH would be considered a worthwhile goal?

If striving for perfection would cease being the only goal, and teams began to scatter into other sorts of mini-goals and disregard that the only reason they get up in the morning is to win a championship, they would turn lazy, complacent and soon find that the viewers and attendees are looking for other forms of entertainment.

There are no free meals and if you try to grab some, you’ll learn very quick that nature HATES FREE-LOADERS and rewards going the extra mile.

Workers at Twitter, for example, thought they had it made, just like hundreds of thousands of Silicon Valley employees, who graduated college with all sorts of non-commercial degrees. They were recruited by the tech giants that couldn’t stop growing in the days of ZIRP, when money flowed like champagne on a Saudi Sheikh’s birthday.

My brother is employed at a tech firm; when asked what he does, for years he used to say that “I head a team of 13 people” as his opening line, as if the number of personnel under you is a sign of greatness.

Zero interest rates made entrepreneurs delusional and allowed them to create a culture of over-hiring and under-delivering, operating at a loss for YEARS AND YEARS on the back of new money that kept coming in and rewarding the growth, instead of the efficiency.

Mark my words: If you can’t operate at a profit, you will be disrupted, weakened, go bankrupt or see the value of your salary or business or stocks go DOWN MASSIVELY.

In the next 6-8 months, the FED is about to shake out any and all businesses that run their enterprise as if the WORLD OWES THEM SOMETHING.

If you got used to a culture of mediocrity, you will now face the penalty box.

The best way to think about it is to put yourself in the mindset that if you don’t give your best, you’ll never see another paycheck in your life.

The free lunch is over, and you’re about to see people fired who thought they had it made.

If you thought FEMA CAMPS were scary – when photos circulated across the web back in the day, presenting the theory that these are for Americans – I want to tell you that the first half of 2023 is NO THEORY and it will be a shakeout that will leave many in utter shock.

The worst 6-to-8-month period has begun and I believe that it’s no time to be careless or indifferent, but a time to be ultra-concentrated and deliberate with your actions.

The recession has now REACHED the middle class and the fallout will be brutal.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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