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I’ve Waited My Whole Life for an Opportunity this Great

Believe Me… You Won’t Get Another Chance Like This!

We are entering one of the most spectacular precious metal bull markets the world has ever seen, and right now, a living legend is going all-in on a 85-cent gold stock!

I believe it’s one of the best, pure moneymaking opportunities you’re likely to see in your lifetime, by partnering with the one guy who’s made average investors millions!

The profits shareholders have seen in his companies have helped pay off mortgages… college loans… weddings… paid for their retirement in full… and all of the luxuries this world has to offer.

This man just doesn’t make himself a fortune when he creates these unique deals, he has greatly improved the lives of everyone around him, including his 4,000+ employees.

Just $10,000 into his last two deals could have turned into $1.8 MILLION!!

First Mining Finance (TSXV: FF & US: FFMGF)

Our “Back Up the Truck” Moment Idea!

10.3 Million Ounces of Gold Resources and 30 Million Ounces of Silver.

Dear Reader,

This is truly a rare chance to partner with an expert mining legend at the infancy of a gold bull market.

You’re buying low for the sector, but more importantly, you’re in the right kind of deal!

Keith Neumeyer is perhaps the most respected man in the entire gold sector.

You’ve seen him regularly on Bloomberg, Zero Hedge, and other major publications because he’s the go to guy for precious metal mining investors.

In fact, his two billion-dollar company, First Majestic Silver, is the best-performing stock for 2016 for the entire Toronto exchange!
First Majestic Silver is up 502% year-to-date, with a market capitalization of $3 billion.

First Quantum Minerals, Keith’s first company, is a $5 billion company.

His new gold venture, First Mining Finance, is just $350 million.

When it comes to gold stocks as a sector, look at where we will be buying!

Crises Present Opportunities

The rally we’ve seen in gold shares year-to-date has barely taken us to where the last bear market bottomed!

This bull market, in my opinion, will be far greater than anything we’ve ever seen!

  • Zero-percent interest rates
  • High debt levels (both private and government)
  • All of the 2008 problems remain unresolved
  • BREXIT, and possibly the end to the Euro currency in 5 years
  • U.S. Federal Reserve monetizing debt (printing money to buy Treasuries)
  • Peak gold is here, according to Goldman Sachs
  • China and Russia are buying gold assets up at record paces

The smartest investors in the world are buying gold and shorting the U.S. markets at these levels… Ray Dalio, George Soros, and Carl Icahn have all gone on public with their growing concerns and movement into the gold sector.

After BREXIT, former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan predicted an imminent crisis ahead and urged the world to readopt a new gold standard for our currencies.

An avalanche of buying is coming, and I want us to position ourselves to maximize profits.

Now, gold is already up 25% for 2016, but this isn’t where the real gains are.

Billionaires like Eric Sprott and Frank Giustra are investing in the shares.

First Mining Finance (FF) is rising 5x faster than the gold price… The gain we’ve seen in this company has been 120%+ this year.

And many experts like former CIA Advisory Jim Rickards believes gold is going to over $10,000 per ounce!

The 10 million ounces of gold resources that FF owns are like having a gold call option: as the price of the underlying metal rises, the shares tend to respond dramatically higher.

First Mining Finance offers real gold ounces in the ground, an expert management team, and the safest locations in the world for mining.

All of their properties are in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


Aggressive Growth Through Acquisition!

Since their launch in April of 2015, First Mining Finance has made 8 strategic acquisitions.


  • May 12th: Coastal Gold “Hostile Takeover”
  • September 1st: Gold Canyon Resources
  • September 1st: PC Gold
  • November 24th: Gold Rush Resources
  • February 12th: Clifton Star
  • March 7th: Pitt Gold Projects
  • May 2nd: Cameron Gold Operations
  • May 16th: Tamaka Gold
Rapid Resource Growth by Acquisition

Right now, we are seeing gold ounces in the ground being purchased for $50+.

During the last bull run, we saw numbers as high as $150+.

Keith Neumeyer and First Mining Finance have been purchasing gold in the ground for less than $10 per ounce!!!

It’s been obtained as low as $3.80… And they even purchased one of the largest undeveloped gold projects in all of North America for around 5 bucks per ounce of gold.

Bargain Basement Shopping

Keith Neumeyer has stated that First Mining Finance will be his next multi-billion-dollar company.

He’s laid out a clear plan: acquire gold assets from distressed sellers and build up a mineral bank, unlocking incredible value to shareholders as the gold market turns higher with joint ventures, royalties, and even spinouts of some of the properties.

Early investors have tremendous upside here. FF has quickly become one of the fastest-growing gold developers in the world.

Our Recommendation: Consider Buying Shares of First Mining Finance Immediately!

The seasonality for gold and silver is flat in the summer and rip-roaring in the fall. I want everyone reading this to be fully positioned to profit for both the long-term and near-term gains precious metal investors could potentially see during the last half of 2016.

Partner with Keith Neumeyer and buy into this sector at a historical low… It honestly does not get any better than this, in my opinion.

Best Regards,
Lior Gantz
Lior Gantz

Editor’s Note: I am long First Mining Finance and First Majestic Silver.

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