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Gold/Silver RATIO Primed – Act NOW!

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Stock Market Wealth

Gold/Silver RATIO Primed – Act NOW!

Mar 27, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

I’ve never shared this information before, so today’s letter is very important to me. 

Wealth Research Group covers many topics and this one is especially important to me personally. I want you to know what WORKS, time and time again.

It took me years to learn the art of saying NO, since, as a venture capitalist and a private investor, I get presented with deals on a daily basis, but what I learned early on and implement every day of my life is the method of following proven footprints left by successful people before me. Successful people say NO to almost anything thrown at them. In fact, the best thing you could do is to imagine that you can only 30 stocks in your entire life, from now on. Immediately, you’ll become selective.

It’s very similar to Buffett’s method: “I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.”

This is actually harder than it seems. The temptation to invest in the exotic is overwhelming sometimes, but in the past 6 years alone, 13 friends of mine have lost 80% or more of their investible portfolio by making a concentrated bet on a breakthrough medicine, which didn’t receive FDA approval or a futuristic gadget, which didn’t pan out.

The most consistent, but at the same time, the least exciting performance will come from owning insurance and Wealth stocks.

The main principle behind this philosophy is compounding. 

When I trained the subconscious to value the worth of compounded interest, my savings habits changed overnight. Knowing that a $200 restaurant bill today could be worth $2,000 in 10 years, if invested wisely instead, made me rethink my lifestyle.

I was only 20 when this transformation occurred, and it sunk in so deep that saving big is a way of life for me 14 years later.

Most people think that by investing more, they’ll need to save less, but I assure you that the opposite is true. Save more, so you can risk less and invest wisely.

Time is your greatest asset. Shelby Davis, who is probably the greatest individual investor of all times, started at the age of 38 with $50,000 and died at 85 with a $900M fortune.

It’s an incredible achievement, and it was done following this strategy:

  1. He focused on insurance stocks. The reason both Buffett and Davis bought and stuck with mostly insurance companies throughout their careers is because it’s the slowest changing industry of all – it hardly gets disrupted.

Since first introduced to the world, insurance hasn’t been shaken-up much at all.

On April 20th, I will release a full report on Shelby Davis and his investment strategy. 

If he were alive today, I’d pay $100,000 to sit down with him. The next best thing is to study his life, which I have, thoroughly, and I’ll share with you everything I know, as we’re putting this Special Report together.

Shelby Davis managed to compound his portfolio at a 23.3% annual rate. There’s not even one person, alive or dead, who has been able to do this for the length of time Mr. Davis has. Learning his way and passing it on to your family is probably the most valuable education you can provide them with, and that’s the reason I am working diligently to publish this to you.


82:1 – Extreme Value Moment: Silver is CHEAP!


Now, let’s take a look at what’s going on with precious metals. The market sees potential trade wars as an immediate threat to growth.

Investors are diversifying into gold right now. Its price is already over $1,340, but silver is actually down year-to-date, with pessimism levels at an extreme high.

The current ratio, at over 80:1, has only occurred 4 times since 1971, each resulting in a major reversal towards the 65:1 level, coupled with a major rally in mining shares.

The most recent example is the January-August, 2016 rally.

Keith Neumeyer’s First Majestic Silver, for instance, soared from CAD$3.80 in January, 2016 to over CAD$23.00 by August of that same year.

The way Wealth Research Group understands it, trade wars are a tactic President Trump is using to strike better trade agreements for the U.S. going forward.

Smart money is beginning to understand that China isn’t planning to escalate the situation. Instead, new deals will probably be struck, which is good news, and the markets will rally.

The U.S. is definitely vulnerable right now.  

These negotiations with world leaders might reveal the truth to the world regarding diminishing U.S. dominance.

April stands to be a critical month, as we put Q1 behind us, especially mid-way through it, with the release of the recent inflation numbers (April 11th CPI data will be published). 

Remain focused.

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