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Today, I’m going to drop some heavy bombs on you, which might cause you to rethink many of the notions that both the mainstream press and the alternative media have put in front of you in the last 11 years, since the Great Recession happened.

I’ve been saving these analyses for over a year and they will be part of my upcoming book, due out early in 2020, titled: A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY: Get Rich or Get Screwed!

The concepts in it have been used for decades by titans of industry, wealth managers and hedge fund legends. My purpose with it is to equip ANYONE who is tired of getting halfway to reaching his goals, with the tools, inspiration and knowledge he needs in order to take that one extra step to get over the line.

In the next six weeks, between now and the end of the year, I will introduce you to these concepts, piece by piece, but also share knowledge and strategies with you that will not even be included in the book.

The mission is to open the doors of opportunity for you, since the GOVERNMENT, Wall Street and CENTRAL BANKS have all, either deliberately or by sheer stupidity, RUINED the trickle effect of wealth creation. They’ve distorted capitalism, so that the average person today has mixed feelings regarding this way of life.

That’s because what we have in this country isn’t OPPORTUNISTIC capitalism, but either state-run capitalism or worse, shadow-government-fueled capitalism – and both have SCREWED the majority.  

In 11 years, the Federal Reserve’s policies have increased the credit available for corporations and the wealthy by $3.7T, by creating currency units and funneling them in a way that incentivizes the financial institutions to keep it amongst themselves, instead of loaning it out to the general population.

$3.7T that gets added to the financial asset world – which is dominated by the rich, who own stocks, real estate and bonds – has brought about untold wealth for people who were already millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires in 2008, and are now FAR RICHER.

It’s a wealth transfer. My calculations, corroborated by several studies, show that Wall Street has HIJACKED close to $1.4T of the general population’s wealth in the past 10 years; this is government-mandated theft.

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

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    Since this $3.7T in newly-printed dollars (and many more trillions in Euros and Yens) remained mostly with banks, funds and wealthy moguls, it caused a bidding war for stocks, real estate, bonds and collectibles. Since the wealthy also buy gold, its price has risen as well. This is NOT due to inflation (since there’s very little of it), but because they need to diversify their cash reserves, which are at record highs. In other words, the price increase since late 2015 is nothing, in my eyes. The big moves haven’t even begun.

    Are the banks calling you, inviting you to listen to their investment advisors, or begging you to take loans at ZERO RATES? Not for you – your fate is much different. You’re not part of the club that gets money, for free.

    The past 10 years have created a club, the HAVES, which is a boutique one. By default, it has also created another one – not so much a club as it is a hall of rejects, who do not get to share in this exclusive world of spoils that others have been joined.

    What happens when the public gets wind of it? Normally, the answer is nothing. The masses don’t storm the capital unless things get REALLY BAD, since they have no idea how the wealthy live. Henry Ford, the richest industrialist of his day, is quoted as saying, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” I couldn’t agree more.

    This is the reason you SHOULD NOT classify yourself as part of the masses, since between the HAVES and HAVE-NOTS, there is a growing class of people who are enlightened in knowledge, but their results might not yet reflect the profound wealth of INFORMATION they possess — it will, if you keep putting in the work.

    In my mind, we’re part of this beautiful class of people. We want real wealth – not the kind that exists, solely thanks to combinations and insider connections, but as a result of adding value to the world. We want balanced lives and peace of mind.

    Over the weekend, we’ve received such an overwhelming amount of inquiries, as to where gold and silver are headed and what will be the fate of gold stocks and resource stocks, in general, that I’m preparing a lengthy overview of the entire matter and will publish it this Tuesday at opening bell. It will be the most comprehensive update on this topic, one which (like I said) I’ve been perfecting for over a year.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

    Governments Have Amassed ungodly Debt Piles and Have Promised Retirees Unreasonable Amounts of Entitlements, Not In Line with Income Tax Collections. The House of Cards Is Set To Be Worse than 2008! Rising Interest Rates Can Topple The Fiat Monetary Structure, Leaving Investors with Less Than Half of Their Equity Intact!

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