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How You Can Save Millions of Dollars Starting Today

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Personal Finance

How You Can Save Millions of Dollars Starting Today

Jun 12, 2016 | Personal Finance

When we go to a gas station, you encounter more car types than you can count: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Buick, Chevrolet, Kia, and the list goes on and on. There are over 200 different brands in the world.People from all walks of life: young and old, rich and poor, tall and short come in to fill their tanks.

Although countless individuals use fuel every day, none of them ever chooses what type of fuel to use. The car determines that for you when the manufacturer creates the model. In other words, you only use what is known to make the engine work. No one overfills the tank, and no one puts a different kind of patrol because he feels like it, since that would be detrimental and cost money to repair. Yet, when it comes to our machine, the human body, we pick all kinds of fuels that are inferior and not what nature designed the body for. On top of that, we routinely overfill the tank, and the spill is very visible.

At Wealth Research Group, we believe that health is an essential element in a wealthy lifestyle, both for the benefits to your body and your pocket. Healthy people live longer, have more vitality, are able to be more active and enjoy a wider variety of experiences. They also have much less interruptions to their flow, and pay much less over a lifetime for treatment, medicine, surgeries and any procedure that a sick individual suffers through. In the case of a car, you can have a mechanic clean the tank of the wrong fuel, or you can always sell and buy another. You can buy a new one and have a clean slate. We all have just one body, and we can’t “clean the tank” in one short afternoon, so we must all take great care of our bodies. We are moving into a world where the life expectancy exceeds 100 years, and so it is imperative we become experts at maintaining our “machine”. Economically, according to studies we can save between $5,000-$15,000 per year by living healthy. That means that over a 60 year life span, we save a minimum of $300,000-$900,000. Most will save much more. The added value of doing such is the example we set for family, kids, friends and co-workers. They too can be inspired.

$300,000 at a modest compounded rate of 8% per year over a 30 year span is $3,018,797. Personally, I would like that in my bank account instead of a medical bill in the mailbox.

Here are 3 simple habits to follow in order to earn an extra $3,018,797 by the time you are sixty:

  1. Sleeping: this is the key core component  in a healthy lifestyle. The ideal length is 6-8 hours as an adult, and 7-9 as a child. Do this, and you will be healthier immediately.
  2. Exercising: Movement is paramount to a vital body. All the body systems improve by simply generating a mild movement 3 times a week. Personally, I train the core muscles, which keep my body fit and well proportioned. This involves aerobic and weights.
  3. Nutrition: finally to the subject of fuels. The best proportions of fuels consist of: vegetables of all colors as the core of nutrition. Next, it is fruits. Make sure you get plenty of them and in different colors. A great thing to do is read about the phenomenal attributes of each vegetable and fruit. The body doesn’t need sweets and you will be wise to limit them to a minimum.

I wish you a very healthy life. Let’s make sure we keep ourselves in shape, so we can focus on our passion – investing.

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