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If Effort Was All it Took

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Personal Finance

If Effort Was All it Took

Apr 3, 2016 | Personal Finance

LuckyDon’t we all simply hate people that are on a roll? I wish I didn’t feel such envy towards them, but on the other hand, they have something I want. They have faith, mixed with purpose and capability. They are, in a nutshell, successful. Everything they do turns out just perfect.Why is it that they can always smile, no matter how much pressure is put upon them? How can they make investment decision after investment decision and be spot on? How is it that they are advancing and exploring all the time?

Not too long ago, I visited Slovenia. It’s an amazing little country in the Balkans. The people speak perfect English, and the scenery is out of a story book. The people are very athletic, and do plenty of outdoor sports. We, my wife Anna and I, booked a canyoning attraction. That means we go up with a guide high in the mountains above the river in the canyons and come down using abseiling ropes, jumping into water pools and waterfalls. It is intense and has some scary moments, like lowering down a 42-meter-high waterfall. The guide was amazing. He has done it so many times and with so many kinds of people that you could simply rub off his attitude and gain confidence. He was calm, patient, and projected an atmosphere of “This is easy. Enjoy the sun and the adventure.” The other guide was fixing things constantly, triple-checking the gear and equipment, asking every client separately how he was feeling, trying to please so hard that it got annoying. That’s because people aren’t attracted to people who do more, but to people who ARE more. People are attracted to whoever can provide more of life, and those who try too hard prove that deep down, they’re suffering from inferiority complex. One who is in the business of impressing doesn’t feel he is good enough. Everyone has this feeling at times. The trick is to snap out of it, because once you are there, you are losing ground – in relationships, in negotiations, in investing. And worst off all, at night, when you think about your day, you want to be at your best in front of people, as well as when you are making investment decisions. You don’t get points for effort. Remember that. He who makes the most money isn’t necessarily the one who reads the most or who knows the most about every detail. If you want to get rich, stop thinking that because you do MORE you deserve more. The garbage cleaner works much harder than CEOs, who take about 2 months off a year and have a lot of free time. Riches come not to those who “try” harder, but to those who accept wealth. Then they immediately sense opportunities and are capable of advancement. Here’s what I do:
1. I remind myself that all of us are born the same way, and live under the same sun and the same conditions apply to all of us. That provides confidence that no one is ever inferior or superior. All are alike.
2. I remind myself that all people are essentially after the same things, myself included. That simplifies life, since I know how to treat others better.
3. I remind myself that there are principles that work. The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented, just applied. The wheel of fortune is easy to follow – you already know what works.
4. Use all this knowledge to strengthen your faith in accomplishing your goals.

That’s it. Anybody around you will instantly and intuitively notice the change in you. You will be exposed to greater opportunities, and investment decisions will be much wiser, since you are no longer “trying” to impress and show effort. Rather, you are focusing on the wheel of fortune.

We don’t get points for effort. Remember that. No one “deserves” results. The game is about applying what works – not impressing others.

The game is yours to play. Play like you already won. That’s what the greats always do.

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