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Inner Fire – A Blessing and a Curse

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Inner Fire – A Blessing and a Curse

Sep 4, 2016 | Personal Finance

Fire-Within-squareIf you have been following us through parts 1-7, then you know that we are laying out a list of success principles that you have the right to implement starting right now in your own life to gain the results you strive for.

By now, it is clear to you that in order for success to happen, we must direct it by giving it a clear direction. We must have a goal, a plan, a team, the right personality, belief, will to do more than anyone else, self-motivation, and a positive outlook on things at all times.

When you have begun to master these, you will see that life begins to be an exciting thing every day of your life. You will feel the content of growth and expansion, and you will want more, as you should. Your Inner Fire must be contained, though, and released at the right times. Your enthusiasm is a key to success, and what you want to master is “Disciplined Explosiveness.”

Explosiveness is power, and it can completely change the way things turn out for you in life. When you learn to discipline it, you will become more convincing, work with more energy, have a higher level of confidence, and best of all, you will spread this explosiveness around and infect others with it. Once, I visited a spices factory, where I was told a genius shift manager was on the rise. When I got there, I saw a man so passionate and full of enthusiasm that simple factory workers were doubling up on capacity and smiling throughout the long shift. The owner told me that this was his most important worker, since he makes the environment in the factory pleasant and increases efficiency.

If you let it run wild, though, it is like adding gasoline to a fire. You will see this with people who dominate conversations and go on for hours. They aren’t persuasive at all.

Worse, explosiveness without discipline will cause you to reveal plans and secrets, take big bets that you can’t afford, or behave in inappropriate manners.

You want to be explosive, but time it right.

Here are some good techniques on how to generate an Inner Fire whenever you want:

1. Complete simple tasks – to get your mind excited, write down a few things you want to get done now and do them. It can be simple errands, but completing them will boost your confidence and push you forward.

2. Watch a documentary about unbelievable success stories – relating yourself to others who mastered their way to success will always make you want to explode at full throttle. When you need a boost, let inspiration in.

Harsh Truths Can Be Said Politely

When you find yourself in a position where you must criticize people who are close, learn to do it without killing their explosiveness. You need them to be explosive in order to be creative and efficient in your business, family, or love life.

A good way to do that is by creating a 3rd-party story that illustrates what they are doing wrong, without telling them that it’s about them. Once they get the point, it might trigger them to change course themselves.

When you have Disciplined Explosiveness, you are in a position to help others change their lives. Sports coaches do it all the time, and players resonate with their enthusiasm and give everything they got.

Be a powerhouse of energy and release it when it makes sense. Your success will be rapid.

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