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It’s NOW OR NEVER: Grab Shares of This Exploration-Stage Company BEFORE Their Next Big Discovery

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

It’s NOW OR NEVER: Grab Shares of This Exploration-Stage Company BEFORE Their Next Big Discovery

by | Stock Market Wealth

When Wealth Research Group analysts look at gold mining firms to add to our portfolio, we’re not looking for a gold play. That might sound counterintuitive, but think about it: the really huge breakouts in the mining space happen when big discoveries are made. Therefore, we’re not seeking a gold play so much as an exploration play.

If there’s anyone who has deep experience with wealth-producing discoveries in the mining space, it’s Patrick Donnelly, who is on the Board of Directors at Harvest Gold Corp. (TSX.V:HVG, OTC:HVGDF), a top-tier mining firm focused on the discovery of massively mineral-rich gold and silver ore bodies.

Mr. Donnelly is highly regarded in the precious metals and mining community, and is a tremendous asset to the Board. As Harvest Gold’s President and CEO Rick Mark has stated, Patrick Donnelly is a perfect fit for Harvest Gold and really understands what it takes to be successful in exploration endeavors.

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With a B.Sc. in Geology (Honors) from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Pat Donnelly has a broad range of experience in mineral exploration, capital markets, corporate development, and investor relations. He began his career as a project geologist 25 years ago exploring for precious and base metals and diamonds in western and northern Canada.

Subsequently, Mr. Donnelly worked for a Canadian securities firm as a base metals mining analyst. Between 2012 and 2014, Patrick Donnelly was the Vice President of Corporate Communications for Trilogy Metals Inc. (TSX:TMQ, NYSE:TMQ). Currently, he serves as the Vice President of Corporate Communications and Development for Trilogy Metals, which is advancing its Upper Kobuk Minerals Projects in Alaska.

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    Prior to rejoining Trilogy Metals, Pat Donnelly was President of a well-known gold mining firm for over three years. In fact, he was an original co-founder and responsible for leading the company’s initial public offering and eventual listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Mr. Donnelly was also instrumental in negotiating and completing eight M&A transactions and played a key role in building the company from a market capitalization of CDN$30 million to CDN$600 million.

    Harvest Gold’s President and CEO Rick Mark has observed that Patrick Donnelly had a great run as President of the aforementioned gold mining firm, where he raised significant dollars, built an impressive company, and learned much about gold and silver exploration in Mexico. Now, Patrick is able to bring his experience and expertise to Harvest Gold, which is always exploring exciting new frontiers in the mining space.

    Wealth Research Group interviewed Pat Donnelly recently, and we asked him what to expect in the near future in the current market environment, with the gold-to-silver ratio reaching an extreme reading of 84-to-1 (which has only happened three times in thousands of years). According to Patrick Donnelly, it indicates an imminent and significant breakout in silver prices, which have been severely undervalued for years.

    In fact, according to Patrick Donnelly, he expects to see a breakout in silver through the $20 level. Not only that, but it’s going to flow into the equities markets, where we’ll see silver stocks go on a tear. This marks an opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor and take a long position in silver as well as silver equities.

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    Wealth Research Group expects to see precious metals prices break out soon, and we expect mining stocks to make an even bigger move, which is typically what happens when the gold-to-silver ratio reaches such an extreme level. Patrick Donnelly is an expert in exploration-stage mining companies, so we asked him about how these companies can build vast wealth irrespective of the price action of spot gold and silver.

    Mr. Donnelly is both a former mining analyst and a geologist, so he has unique insights into this matter. According to Patrick Donnelly, when a mining company makes a discovery, the valuation they derive from that discovery is not correlated to metal prices. A brand-new exploration discovery, that’s what going to drive the company’s and the stock’s valuation.

    Numerous examples of this exist, according to Patrick Donnelly, including Silver Crest, which has seen eye-popping numbers and have gone on a tear due to the firm’s exploration discoveries. Another example would be Evrim Resources – which has been working closely with Harvest Gold – and Garibaldi Resources Inc., both of which have seen tremendous moves in their stock prices due to exploration discoveries.

    And just as Garibaldi went from about 15 cents to $4.50 and Silver Crest went from around $1.00 to $3.00 in a matter of months, Harvest Gold Corp. is poised to become the next headline-grabbing mining success story. Remember, Harvest Gold isn’t a gold play as much as it is an exploration play: while Patrick Donnelly and Wealth Research Group predict a precious metals breakout, the share price of Harvest Gold is not dependent on this event.

    If anything, we expect to see Harvest Gold to hit it big before the metals themselves, and the move in the stock will be much greater than the move in the metal prices. You’ll want to be positioned to benefit from the move before it takes place, and that’s why we see Harvest Gold stock as a now-or-never opportunity for 2018.

    Wealth Research Group’s interview with Patrick Donnelly contains information and actionable ideas that you won’t want to miss, so we recommend that you listen to the full presentation right now. You should also check out our must-read financial reports, which include our Quintessential Gold and Silver Stock Playbook, and our Ultimate Report on Safe-Haven Assets.

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