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Just Saw a Thermonuclear Explosion (On YouTube, RELAX)!

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The Atomic Era Was Frightening

In 1945, the Americans kicked off an 18-year period of nuclear tests, which included lots of explosions, bombings and, I can only assume, scientists and Deep State nutjobs playing God on the taxpayer’s time.

The first test was called Trinity and it created a mushroom cloud that reached the height of commercial airline flights.

If you were a resident of the New Mexico desert and you caught a glimpse of it, I’m sure that one inspired lots of confidence that the world was going to hell.

The government probably assumed that these mushrooms were so nice that Las Vegas should have its own test site, so they built one just 100KM outside of it, where exposure to light of that intensity helped spark quite the business for eye doctors, since it could easily blind you.

You might have thought that they conducted a few nuclear tests, but you’d be “happy” to know these government leeches wanted to keep their jobs, so they insisted on some 928 of them.

They got creative in the late 1950s and built underground mines to see what happens when a bomb blows up while buried 150 meters in a shaft – that was called Pascal-A and it was a terribly miscalculated test, so the scientists repeated it!

Pascal-B was conducted with a 900KG iron seal that blocked the shaft. A bomb was dunked into the borehole and the hatch was locked… scientists figured that the bomb would detonate within and the energy would be contained, but the iron door made history by probably being the first object the U.S. government sent into the atmosphere.

At some point, I assume some responsible politician pointed out to these people that it’s probably better to do it on some remote island, so they moved their tests to Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Since it was more convenient to ruin other people’s paradise, they nuked it 23 times in the Baker Nuclear Tests. One “brilliant” idea was to detonate underwater and see what would happen. You can find the photos online; a water cloud filled with nuclear radiation created a tsunami.

In 1952, the hunger for more power couldn’t be held back and the nuclear fanatics just had to see about a thermonuclear bomb; the Ivy Mike test resulted in a mushroom that went as high as 37KM!

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    The Soviets didn’t just sit back and watch…

    They detonated the RDS-37 in 1955, a hydrogen bomb; and in 1961, over the Arctic, they detonated the most powerful nuke ever, the Tsar Bomba, whose blast was seen far away by onlookers in both Alaska and Greenland.

    This was the most powerful man-made explosion in history, one that is also declassified and can be viewed online.

    Humanity has had the capacity to self-destruct for over half a century and we’ve avoided the temptation so far; we want to make sure this winning streak remains intact.

    Don’t give your government the green light to get even more violent and atrocious. Wherever you live, hold decision-makers accountable.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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