For over two years, I’ve not found a copper company, which met my criteria.

CEOs have been in communications with Wealth Research Group throughout this period, but there’s always been a missing component, and I just won’t settle.

In December of 2017, for the 1st time, I saw an opportunity, which checked all the boxes, but more than that, it was a new stock, just listed on the exchanges.

No one knew about it, so it was cheap. It still is.

That is the first thing I look at when determining if an investment is worthy of my time – valuation.

Nothing in this world makes an investment less risky than buying it cheap. If valuable assets were free, then there would be no risk, just reward, so the market (buyers and sellers) price all stocks, according to their future expectations.

When optimistic and greedy, prices go higher; when doubtful and fearful, prices are quite attractive.

As you can see from the chart above, investors are not excited about Kutcho Copper (TSX-V: KC & US: KCCFF) yet, which is where the opportunity lies.

You see, at current prices, the entire market cap is less than 30% of the Net Present Value of over CAD$200M.

This is a huge discount!

Look at the peer comparison from the chart above. Right now, we can invest in this company, while they’re 60% cheaper than the average.




To understand how unique this opportunity is, research a company called Wheaton Precious Metals because you’ll learn that this is one of the best natural resources businesses ever to exist.

They are the ultimate streaming business, led by a sophisticated entrepreneur.

For 96 days, the Wheaton Precious Metals appraisal team turned over every rock at the Kutcho copper-zinc project in British Columbia, Canada. Though Randy Smallwood, the CEO, receives countless offers to create joint ventures, 90% of them probably don’t make it past his secretary.

When I spoke with Vince Sorace, the brilliant CEO and president of Kutcho Copper, who was able to attract the highest-caliber of human skill to Kutcho’s management team, it became evident that even for Wheaton Precious Metals, this isn’t any ordinary partnership.

Wheaton Precious Metals funded Kutcho Copper (TSX-V: KC & US: KCCFF) with a $20 million loan, which is NOT their typical business model, and they’ve actually taken an equity stock position worth CAD$4M. Randy Smallwood and his team haven’t agreed to embark on this type of risk since 2008. Their conviction level and confidence level hasn’t been this high in nine years!

On top of that, they’re bankrolling Kutcho’s road to the pre-feasibility study – this means we are positioning with a company that has their cash obligations paid for in full!

There is no reason to dilute shareholders or run into financial troubles – this is a knockout business structure for us.

Consider shares of Kutcho Copper (TSX-V: KC & US: DSRRF) IMMEDIATELY!

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The project is primarily a copper-zinc asset, and WPM is in it for the silver and gold stream.

Historical resources are already substantial. Take a look:

The CEO of Kutcho Copper, Vince Sorace, showed me the 2018 roadmap, and I truly love it. The overwhelming theme is LOW-RISK/HIGH-REWARD – that is music to my ears.

The execution level of management and the geological team in 2018 will be unparalleled.

Get this: their low-risk strategy is designed to increase the resource by as much as 80% – the share price could rally hard as these 2018 developments occur.

Our computer systems went back to the early 2000s and looked at every company that increased their resource base by 80% in a given year – on average, shares gained 207.3%.

In 18 years of investing, I’ve reviewed what must now be thousands of companies and opportunities. It’s been a wild ride. By far, alerting you to Bitcoin at $400 (a 4,775% return) and Dash at $30 (36-times your original capital invested) was as early and undervalued as we’ve come thus far – cryptocurrencies owned 2017 like nothing else.

Meanwhile, the resource sector has endured seven years of carnage, which were an absolute bloodbath – many stocks were butchered, and others cease to exist.

It’s shocking.

You can’t go any higher in the echelons of mining than Mr. Smallwood:

  1. He’s integrally involved with founding Silver Wheaton, which is praised as having the best business model on earth – it’s a masterpiece enterprise and a $10B company today.
  2. He’s a key exploration geologist with Wheaton River Minerals, which he was instrumental in merging with Goldcorp, the world’s largest gold company, in 2005.

I’ve watched this genius in action, and he is a ruthless and surgical capital allocator. As I see it, looking back at his illustrious career, he hasn’t made even a single mistake.

There’s no room for error when he vets a streaming deal for his shareholders. You see, Mr. Smallwood heads Wheaton Precious Metals, and they are unparalleled when it comes to creating profitable deals – conducting due diligence takes them three to four months, and they don’t miss a single thing. When they’re done looking over an operation, they have the layout all worked out.  

Think of it this way: it’s the same as Warren Buffett vetting an insurance stock you’re looking to position in, and he ends up wanting a cut for himself as well!

Consider GOING BIG: Kutcho Copper (TSX-V: KC & US: DSRRF)!

I’m personally making this deal my largest copper position ever.

This isn’t a small deal, either: Wheaton Precious Metals is coming in with tens of millions of dollars UPFRONT.
Get this – 2008 was the last time Wheaton took an equity position in any public company alongside a streaming deal. Kutcho is the first convertible loan they have ever done. Kutcho is now the biggest ownership Wheaton has ever taken in a junior development company.

We’re getting this opportunity in the earliest innings – you’ve reached the pinnacle of quality and the top for value investing.

Since founding Wealth Research Group two years ago, I’ve been on the hunt for a copper opportunity, as China is considering this metal as a national priority and electric vehicles are relying on a steady supply.

This is the one. It’s completely under the radar!

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