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Media, China and Fear of the Unknown

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As a child, one of my BIGGEST FEARS was deep water. I just couldn’t go into the ocean, a lake or any body of water, except for a pool, where the bottom WASN’T VISIBLE to me.

The paranoia would kick in, thinking about the threatening world that resided JUST BELOW my vulnerable feet. My imagination would run wild, factual or not.

No one was able to help me through it, so I decided to HELP MYSELF.

In 2014, aged 30, my wife and I signed up for an Advanced Open Water diving course. A week later, we were certified to dive as deep as 30 meters, nearly 100 feet and WE DID.

Not only that, but we (1) did a NIGHT DIVE with flashlights on Hawaii’s Kona Island, in the feeding grounds of giant manta rays. Besides that, we dove in Florida with sharks – WITHOUT A CAGE.

An instructor disperses chum and the sharks come near. We dove into shipwrecks, with whale sharks, and into caves. IN SPITE OF IT ALL, we still feel uncomfortable in the great seas.

We are on HIGH ALERT at all times; a world without oxygen that is CRUEL TO MISTAKES. We dove in Mexican Cenotes, where the exits aren’t visible – if you’re lost, you risk GETTING SCREWED.

Even when you follow all of the SAFETY RESTRICTIONS, the potential for accidents remains. The price paid for PEEKING INTO the marine world is worth it, though. The oceans are TEEMING WITH LIFE, colors and magnificent fish and mammals.

Somewhere in my early childhood, I developed this fear of the seas after watching “Jaws.” Similar to the baby circus elephants that are tied to a rope and grow up thinking the rope is impossible to break, even though the adult elephant can easily reap it apart, my initial trauma persisted.

All over the world, people consume NEWS MEDIA and Covid-19 proved how EASY IT IS to panic over the unknown.

Courtesy: Factfulness (Book by the late Hans Rosling)

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    Look at the GREAT ADVANCEMENTS all around us, though; the media doesn’t CELEBRATE good news, since there’s NO RATINGS in that.

    Think about the AMOUNT OF AIR-TIME they dedicate to a plane crash, when 2,000,000 passengers fly daily IN THE U.S. ALONE, without any issues.

    If you allow negativity to infiltrate your consciousness, you will become ADDICTED to all the things humanity STILL HASN’T figured out, instead of being thankful for all of the SOLUTIONS we already have at our disposal.

    Look above at these charts and then look below as well:

    Courtesy: Factfulness (Book by the late Hans Rosling)

    Covid-19 proved that most people WILL BELIEVE many unproven data points, as long as government is the one DELIVERING THE MESSAGE.

    Against this herd mentality we must defend our minds.

    The covert operation to TAKE CONTROL of your mind is ongoing.

    Don’t let the wrong agendas infiltrate. One of these FALSEHOODS is that the U.S. dollar will be king forever and that’s not true. Secondly, the media is looking to convince you that INFLATION is a thing of the past, but the truth is the other way around.

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