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Middle-Class is DEAD: Let This SINK IN!

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

Middle-Class is DEAD: Let This SINK IN!

by | Stock Market Wealth

There are two mental attitudes each person can choose to live according to. One of them would make them a punching bag, which is quite resilient and reacts with equal force when the environment pressures him, but he never act out of your own self-direction.

Most people, a resounding majority, live in this fashion and have little to do with the overall path of their lives. They don’t have goals, and even if they do, these are mere daydreams, which they hardly commit to achieving and turning into realities.

At the first sign of pain, they fold tent and claim that before success can be made, governments need to be revolutionized and to be led by honest public servants, that we must change our religious systems, which strive to keep people oppressed, that our education curriculums have to be rewritten to teach us the necessities, that there is too much hatred in the world, or that special interests groups have cornered industry and opportunity is gone.

This is how most people go through their journey on this planet, never really understanding that success is, plain and simple, the result of applying certain thought habits and daily actions to your environment, wherever it may be and whatever it is. Yes, some countries and regions are better than yours, but nothing stops the truly committed from relocating.

No school system teaches you the mathematics behind success, the proven mental process, but countless books and people do possess this information and will share it with you.

There has never been a more opportune moment in history to have a dream-like experience in this world.

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    I vividly remember finishing reading the book, “The 17 Principles of Success”by Napoleon Hill, and formulating a vision, not knowing how it would actually unfold or how long it would take, but that it would happen.

    You can become wealthy, and by that I mean that you can (1) secure the financial demands of your family and then some, (2) enjoy time to pursue hobbies and passions, (3) spend quality time with friends and family, (4) network, and (5) go on remarkable adventures.

    You can have it all, but it comes at a substantial price, which most are not willing to pay.

    Forget about the advantage America possessed when it was the only superpower and regular jobs paid extraordinary income in the decades following the second world war. This falsehood convinced Americans they could breeze through life, but reality came back to bite them in the ass.

    The middle-class is dead.

    If the middle-class is ever to resurrect, it will not be due to some miracle, but because they follow the one and only way to succeed on this planet.

    Nothing more important can ever happen to you than to become a person, who acts out of personal initiative and chooses not to be a punching bag.

    This is not enough, though. From that moment on, you must also shut your mind to all thoughts, which your habitual subconscious floats to the surface from your past, which make you doubt or limit yourself.

    Discard them, as if they don’t exist. Instead, focus solely on your goals, do MUCH more than your boss requires of you, or OUTRAGEOUSLY more than your competitors are doing, and make sure everyone else gets the feeling that you also trust them to be moving up in the world. Do this extra work, not because you want to shine a light on yourself, but because you want to improve your craft and stay ready for the promotion you are setting yourself up for.

    Nothing, no university degree, no course, no personal connection your dad may have, no under-the-table transaction, can ever replace the significance of treating everyone like they have a sign on their forehead, which reads: “Make me feel important and confident.”

    You can put the worst and most incompetent politician in the White House. You can put the most corrupt and greedy CEOs at the head of our biggest corporations. You can pretty much live in the most horrific economic environment, but if you keep a mental picture of precisely what you want from life, doing FAR more than anyone else does and do it in a manner, which inspires others to innevitably notice you, you will not only fire your mediocre boss and earn 10x more than he does, but you will rise to true greatness.

    Nothing, no one, and no present crookedness can get in your way. Age and previous failures have nothing to do with it. Don’t fold tent, EVER!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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