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In 1997, when my father’s business had gone south, I was only 13 years old. Up until that time, because my father was using debt to run his operation, I never lacked for anything and I didn’t even anticipate problems. Leveraging the equity of the home we lived in, along with the equity of his car, he managed to “buy time” and attempt to salvage his failing business, by changing strategy, but to no avail.

In 1997, I felt bankruptcy on my skin, and it made me despise the helplessness of the situation.

My commitment to radical wealth became absolute, from that point on.

The first thing I did was to get a job. Since no one was too keen on hiring a 150cm (4’11 feet) kid, I got creative, a trait, which stuck with me. I started visiting a local clothing store daily, spending over two hours at a time, going over the various brands, discussing with the owner the details of each, until he was privy to the knowledge I possessed. Then, he saw that I had well-developed selling skills as well, when I helped a random customer out.

He hired me, paying a whopping $4 an hour salary.

That was the beginning of the asset accumulation phase in my life. I’ll never forget him for giving me a shot because it boosted my confidence and allowed me to learn the important lessons of saving, holding-off on pleasures, and investing proceeds, instead of spending them.

By age 14, I had also started to market my babysitting services and my private basketball tutoring services, which gave me the opportunity to save, within two years‘ time, $20,000.

At age 16, as odd as it may seem, my bank account was larger than my father’s. My next step was making that cash grow, which was an art that my grandfather, a retired man by that time, relied upon for his passive income stream in retirement.

He gave me two books. One was authored by Peter Lynch, the most successful investor of the 1980s, and the second one was a book about Warren Buffett.

I connected with Peter Lynch’s book first, since his was full of stocks his teenage daughter had picked for the fund, and they ended-up being huge winners for him. He pointed out that stocks represent businesses, so one should stick with companies that one can easily understand.

Buffett was the one, who opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to own world-class brands because they are much more competitive and enjoy greater loyalty from their customers, even when they need to raise prices on them. Buffett also taught me the importance of knowing what to do with business profits. In other words, by introducing me to his philosophy that a CEO’s role is to allocate the shareholder’s profits wisely, I began to look for my first ever stock.

It needed to be a brand, which I could purchase shares of, when they were priced relatively cheap, hold on to them, while reinvesting dividends (a hallmark of Buffett investing), and I had to understand the business model easily.

The stock I picked in June of 2000 was with a company I still hold today. While I didn’t know that diversification is critical and that proper position sizing helps to mitigate risk, I put the entire $20,000 sum in this one investment.

Today, after the 9.5-year bull market, this stock isn’t a bargain for new investors, so it is definitely not the time to be adding to my position.

Wealth Research Group doesn’t see much upside for it in the short-term, as it is overvalued, but I want to show it to you rather, as a case study for successful long-term investing.

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    V.F. Corp is the largest apparel manufacturer in the world, but most have never heard of it, since it owns some of the best brands out there, using the V.F. Corporation’s umbrella name.

    I’m certain, though, that you’ve heard of Dickies, Timberland, Jansport, Lee, Wrangler, The North Face, Vans, Reef, and Napapijri.

    They’re all owned by this company, which, as you can see from the comparison chart above, has returned, without including dividends, 1,574% gains, since my initial investment of $20,000 in June, 2000.

    In the chart, you can see that BRK.B, Warren Buffett’s company, and the NASDAQ index, have lagged V.F. Corp, tremendously, during this same period.

    As I said, this is not the moment to invest in the business, but it is certainly the best time to find a cannabis company that follows the same model, which is precisely what we did.

    In essence, V.F. Corp buys powerful brands and, through the advantage of economies of scale (advantage of size, same as Walmart), cannot only manufacture for lower prices than the competition, but offers retailers more choices, by having a variety of product offerings.

    The CEO, then, reinvests the profits like a champion. Consider the fact that when I bought shares eighteen years ago, the dividend was $0.058 per share, whereas today it is $0.46; that’s a 8-fold increase. In other words, the shares I purchased back then for $6.41 per unit, are now yielding 28% a year!

    The cannabis sector is growing like no other industry right now. We’ve found a company, whose name means nothing to investors, just like V.F. Corp’s has no significance to shoppers, but whose wholly-owned brands, are the highest-quality, most recognizable ones in the U.S., right now.

    I found my cannabis version of V.F. Corp, and it is trading for a 50% discount to what it traded for only three months ago!

    We’ve patiently been tracking this stock, so that we could build our position at the ideal time.

    That time has arrived.

    Through my conversations with management, I’ve learned that they are implementing an acquisition model, by which they buy the best brands possible, scattered throughout some of the key legal states, by deploying cash wisely, utilizing the Buffett-like skills of their brilliant CEO.

    V.F. Corp has given me a gigantic 2,491% return over 18 years, turning my small babysitting seed sum into close to half a million dollars, so I am extremely excited to have uncovered an opportunity to repeat this process, but with the potential of it happening much faster this time around.

    As you know, clothing isn’t an industry, which is undergoing a transformative event like full legalization, as is cannabis, so the potential of this stock is, undoubtedly, remarkable.

    In the coming 10-day period, we’re going to be, meticulously, analyzing each piece of the puzzle that makes up this cannabis company, with the goal in mind to drop our anchor, when the price is right, in our view.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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