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Modern Technology Meets a Natural Medicine – This is HUGE!

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Modern Technology Meets a Natural Medicine – This is HUGE!

Jul 15, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

The Strengthening of the Tenth Amendment through entrusting States Act, also known as the STATES Act is a game-changer. This is a bill recently introduced by U.S. Senators Cory Gardner (Republican) and Elizabeth Warren (Democrat) into the United States Congress, and if passed, it will amend the U.S. Controlled Substances Act:

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The key phrase here is “shall not apply to any person acting in compliance with State law.” This is huge news for U.S. law as it relates to the cannabis product trade, and the support for this bill is building every day.

For licensed producers, growers, and other participants in the cannabis product market, it’s another giant step towards full legalization and governmental buy-in for this natural plant.

It is part and parcel of a much bigger movement: the global march towards acceptance and full legalization of marijuana. For both medicinal and recreational uses, sales are exploding worldwide and it’s getting bigger every year:

Source: New Frontier Data

For 2018, I’ve been focusing my attention on a company that is currently changing and elevating the cannabis market: Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX-V: PURE).

This is a licensed producer in Canada – cannabis producers that are fully licensed and approved by the government have a clear advantage – and it’s well positioned because Canada is at the forefront of the global cannabis movement.

Founder and CEO Malay Panchal has built a Canadian cannabis firm that brings modern technology to a natural herb: Pure Global Cannabis has developed a proprietary grow system that combines the best-practices of hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics, and integrated this system with world-class commercial agriculture methodologies.

This is known as a multi-ponic vertical cannabis farm setup; it’s a first in Canada, and it allows for multiple tiers of canopy, yielding more than three times the product of a similar footprint without pesticides or herbicides.

The prospects for growth are spectacular, and early-stage investors will be rewarded handsomely. For adult recreational and medical uses, research clearly proves that the trajectory is exponentially upwards, both now and for future projections:

Source: ARCVIEW Market Research

The preceding chart tells the story: $14.85 billion in adult use sales and an additional $7.74 billion in medical cannabis sales projected for the year 2021. Wealth Research Group is dedicated to seeking out the best opportunities to grow your portfolio, and this sector has more upside potential than any other sector I’m looking at for 2018.

The statistics all corroborate the same conclusion: a firm that can successfully combine the ancient plant with cutting-edge modern technology will harvest the biggest gains and will make millions for investors. Timing is of the essence here because I wouldn’t want any of my readers to buy after the massive buying spree has already taken place; I want to see investors buying while valuations are still low and the intense growth spurts haven’t happened yet.

I’m looking at Pure Global Cannabis Inc. and seeing the new face of the worldwide movement toward marijuana legalization. It won’t be long before this company goes full throttle – the right time to get your piece of the action is right now.

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Lior Gantz

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