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NASDAQ FLOPS, GOLD CRUSHES IT! Metals and Mining Shares Are Looking Better Than Ever

by Jun 4, 2019Stock Market Wealth

The days of easy tech stock winnings are clearly in the rear-view mirror – there’s no denying it anymore. The NASDAQ has diverged from the Dow and S&P, threatening to plunge into correction territory as trade war fears decimate semiconductor manufacturers and other formerly high-flying tech firms.

Both President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have made it crystal clear that the tariff war won’t end quickly or easily. Mutual posturing and saber rattling have escalated a war of words into full-on brinksmanship, driving investors to pull their money out of technology stocks and into safe-haven sectors.

And what’s the go-to safe haven in troubled times like this? Naturally it’s precious metals and especially gold, with the yellow metal easily breaching the $1,300 level even in a time when the U.S. dollar remains uncharacteristically strong. Once the dollar reverts back to its multi-decade downtrend – which it has always done sooner or later – there will be nothing left to stand in gold’s way.

Indeed, respected analysts are seeing a bright future for gold as 2019 moves into its second half: “Gold is looking good here, responding to the rise in economic wars via tariffs to the global economic slowdown,” observes Peter Spina, president and chief executive officer of

Courtesy: Marketwatch

“There are good reasons to believe the breakout in gold is developing as we speak, and by the end of this year we will see it explode towards $1,400 to $1,500,” continues Spina, extrapolating the powerful upside potential for gold.

Unlike most market sectors, precious metals actually benefit from trade war tensions, yield curve inversions, and other threats; and besides, with a four-day winning streak and a three-month high, no one can deny gold’s explosive momentum. If the current trends continue, it could prove to be a bruising summer for tech stock holders and a spectacular season for precious metals and miners.

And by the way, if you want to see what a real winner looks like, check out the price action of American Pacific Mining Corp. (CSE:USGD, OTC:USGDF), a gold exploration company that focuses on precious metals in the Western United States. They’ve benefited from the massively bullish price action in gold, no doubt, but they’re in a unique position to capitalize on gains in the precious metals market.

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You see, American Pacific is the 100% owner of the Tuscarora gold asset in Nevada’s premium mining district, and they essentially bought this 1,818-acre, historically producing property for pennies on the dollar. The company also purchased the 708-acre high-grade gold and silver Gooseberry Mine asset in Reno, Nevada for the insanely low price of $20,000.

The fundamentals are ultra-strong, and the technical specs are spot-on with UDGD shares magnifying gold’s gains exponentially:

Courtesy: Yahoo Finance

From this chart, we can see how an undervalued mining company like American Pacific can easily take gold’s gains and multiply them by 10. And obviously, it doesn’t take much for a gold property bought for just $20,000 to increase drastically in price.

We also have to keep in mind that American Pacific has just received a major capital infusion from Oceana Gold, who has agreed to bankroll the upcoming drilling programs at Tuscarora. According to the agreement, they’ll be investing $4 million and then potentially an additional $6 million into the project – a huge financial boost from one of the top-10 biggest gold players on the planet.

Let me give you an important tip right now: it’s better to take a position in this company sooner than later, as the Tuscarora Project is moving along ahead of schedule. In fact, Oceana Gold contracted Magee Geophysical Services to conduct a comprehensive gravity survey at Tuscarora.

They’ve hired the best in the business for this essential step in the exploration process, as Magee has over 38 years of international geophysical contracting experience. By providing essential geophysical data to enhance the existing gravity data gathered last year at Tuscarora, Magee’s efforts will make this a summer to remember for the Nevada mining community.

Courtesy: Magee Geophysical Services LLC

Like Oceana Gold, I’m investing in American Pacific for the long term: even after my USGD shares went up nearly 10% today, I never considered taking profits. Selling any of my shares now would be robbing myself of the much bigger gains to come – you can mark my words on that.

But hey, I’m only human, and I do feel sympathy for anyone who bought tech stocks a month ago and now has to wait a while in hopes of breaking even. While they’re waiting, I’ll be waiting too – and profiting handsomely with my shares of American Pacific.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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