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1929, 1987, 2000, 2008, 2018 and 2020

My wife is in the middle of week 36, carrying twin boys and she could go into labor any day now… 35% of twins are born on week 35, so the statistics are that by the end of January, our two boys will be out in the world.

Once they’re old enough, I’ll explain to them that they were conceived in May 2021, at a time of great distress for the human race, and born at the worst month of January in the stock market’s history – but will I also tell them that they were born into a recession, a 50% market meltdown and a time of mass layoffs, upside down mortgages and political unrest?

I certainly think about those things, as a father. Mostly, I think about what I will tell my children (the 5-year-old girl we’ve been raising and these two new additions to the family) a decade from now, when we discuss lessons from the Covid-19 blowout, response and aftermath.

The media has been giving airtime to Jeremy Grantham, the 83-year-old fund manager Phenom, the self-made billionaire, who has been warning about this being the brutal end to a market superbubble:


Grantham is calling for the S&P 500 to hit 2,500, which the index hit in 2017, at the depths of the December 2018 lows, and at the worst parts of the Covid-Crash in March 2020.

The markets basically peaked with the Robinhood / GameStop / Citadel / Melvin Capital saga…

First, the soldiers {non-profitable tech} were taken out. Next, their field commanders {small-cap, but profitable tech} were obliterated. Then, the high-multiplied hyper-growth disruptors were annihilated.

By that time, retail investors switched from stocks to cryptocurrencies and NFT’s, igniting an extension of the stock market bubble elsewhere, selling JPG’s of monkeys for hundreds of thousands of dollars and listing virtual real estate on the Metaverse.

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    By year’s end, we were warning that 2022 would begin with a massive correction, but there’s a big difference between a correction and what we’re seeing now, and I’ll tell you why!

    1. The S&P 500 isn’t even in correction mode – it is down by 8.31%, so more pain could still come next week. 
    2. Biden is busy blaming the FED for this and Powell is busy explaining that government policy and Congress must take action, so clearly, the old adage that markets bottom when the FED and Washington panic is not fully in motion yet.

    Courtesy:, Bloomberg

    Now, the generals are also falling; Bitcoin is in full-on meltdown mode… Amazon’s share price is down 23.5% and has retreated back to its July 2020 price!

    Netflix’s stock is back to June 2018 levels, dropping as much as 25% IN A DAY, Meta (Facebook) is down 21% from the top, Tesla’s stock is down over 20% in 2022 ALONE and founder Elon Musk has predicted a recession this summer or in 2023, AT THE LATEST.

    All of a sudden, my wife giving birth to twins in the coming days might not be the most painful thing our family has to go through; I’d hate to show her our brokerage account!

    My chief concern is that all of these beheadings haven’t hurt real estate that much yet, so what if that adds fuel to the fire?


    We’re really working hard to make sure we have the best chance to get a dramatic opportunity to capitalize on it! This Wednesday, Powell takes to the stage to talk policy and we believe it’s a MAKE-or-BREAK moment, so we’ll definitely keep you posted shortly!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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