Gold IPO 2020

The Most Important Company You Never Heard Of

Before I begin telling about the MOST IMPORTANT company to go public in the gold sector in 2020, know that I plan to own a SERIOUS AMOUNT of shares in this one.

I bought my first ounce of silver in 2009. Since then, I’ve invested in roughly 17 gold and silver stocks, which I’ve HANDPICKED from a database of 411 companies.

This company has just jumped to the TOP OF THE LIST.

In the past ten years, the most significant gold discovery is the “Swan Zone” at the Fosterville Mine in Bendigo, Australia.

Kirkland Lake Gold bought the “Swan zone” project from NewMarket Gold and look at what has happened to its share price on the NYSE!

This is what happened to that particular stock:

In five years, this company has ROCKETED HIGHER by 3,000%!

This company’s largest shareholder is the world’s most influential mining entrepreneur of our time, Mr. Eric Sprott. Not only is he a SELF-MADE billionaire, but he is also the most respected name in natural resources.

His track record is like combining the achievements of Michael Jordan, Husain Bolt, Tom Brady, and Michael Phelps – he’s a TITAN OF INDUSTRY.

In 2017, he became an EARLY-STAGE investor in another private gold company alongside Mr. Rob McEwen.

This happens to be the founder of Goldcorp!

His net worth is kissing the $1B mark, so when the two SELF-MADE gold billionaires TEAMED UP to fund this operation, it immediately got ON MY RADAR.

What made this LITERALLY SHOUT AT ME in the same way that only a rare few opportunities ever have was when in NOVEMBER 2019, their drilling program hit the BEST HOLE in the history of that jurisdiction!

After that single drill hole, both Mr. Sprott and Mr. McEwen committed an additional $8M. A person by the name of Dr. Quinton Hennigh, the geologist involved in the discovery of the SWAN ZONE that led to the Fosterville mine becoming the creator of that EPIC CHART above, saw the results from this hole and deduced that this is “a potential second Swan Zone, the only one in the northern hemisphere.”

If he’s right, this company is sitting on top of the RICHEST MINE yet to be developed in the whole world!

You MUST consider shares of NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) IMMEDIATELY!

This isn’t like any gold company we’ve ever encountered in the past 25 years.

I am willing to STAKE MY REPUTATION that this will become the most significant gold exploration stock of this decade.

  1. The share structure is the BEST I’ve ever seen: Novo owns 15%, Eric owns 14%, Rob owns 7.5% and Palisades Goldcorp owns 44%; these were the pre-IPO numbers . Eric Sprott, then, is one of the single LARGEST SHAREHOLDERS. Dr. Quinton Hennigh, the geologist responsible for the success of Kirkland Lake Gold and Novo Resources, a company whose share price has gone, in recent years, from 40c to $8.50 (IN TWO YEARS), has invested an amount of $15M through Novo Resources just based on that ONE hole.

These are UNHEARD-OF sums from three of the TOP TEN most legendary names in the gold industry’s history!

Other insiders own another 15%, while PalisadeGold, a one-of-a-kind private gold equity firm, owns 44% of the shares.

You MUST consider shares of NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) IMMEDIATELY!

Tomorrow, I will describe the project and the story behind it. My MAIN MESSAGE is that this is unlike anything that has ever entered my database and I liken it to finding Bitcoin in 2010 or investing in Google on the day of its IPO!

We may never see anything like it ever again.

Canada is one of the world’s PREMIER GOLD jurisdictions but the region of Newfoundland where NewFound Gold (TSX-: NFG) has a MASSIVE LAND CLAIM is one of the planet’s last frontiers!

Canada’s terrain has been explored, left to right, for over a century, but Newfoundland has an UNBELIEVABLE STORY behind it. The entire island wasn’t part of Canada until the 1960s!

Much of the interior of the island was privately owned by the Reed family for much of the 20th century, in exchange for building a railroad across the island. This land reverted back to the Crown land in the 1970’s and 1980’s, opening up this FINAL FRONTIER. This turn of events makes this region the only unexplored gold jurisdiction in Canada!

NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) is the region’s largest landowner; self-made billionaires Eric Sprott and Rob McEwen understood the potential of owning A LARGE STAKE in a gold stock, which owns 2% of the entire island!

You MUST consider shares of NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) IMMEDIATELY!

To add to this REMARKABLE BACKDROP, this specific property is located adjacent to the highway and there are logging roads all over the property.

Dr. Quinton Hennigh, the co-founder of Novo Resources and the man whose name has entered the GOLD LEGENDS book thanks to his part in the discovery of the richest, most profitable mine of the decade (the Fosterville in Australia), has invested $15M into Newfound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) after looking at ONE DRILL HOLE.

Right out of the gate, the company has around CAD$75M in cash and NO DEBT. (I will know exact number by end of next week)

Call up the management teams or try to speak directly with CEOs of gold exploration companies and ask what their drilling budget is for 2020. You’ll learn that most, even the big ones, are spending anywhere between $1M and $5M. The ambitious ones spend $10M, but Newfound Gold is going to UNLEASH $25M over the next year alone after the November 2019 hole delivered the BEST RESULTS in this region’s history!

You MUST consider shares of NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NGC) IMMEDIATELY!

Gold is within SPITTING DISTANCE of breaking through the impossible $2,000/ounce milestone!

Gold stocks have already broken out to the upside. This IPO couldn’t be better timed. The investor awareness with a company with $75M in cash, no debt, a $25M drilling budget, and Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, Quinton Hennigh, and Paul Matysek involved, will make this one of the MOST TALKED ABOUT companies of 2020, but I’m telling you about it before it even has a U.S. ticker symbol!

This is as early as THE BOOK of Genesis!

I’m so convinced that this company is a potential winner that I’ve got A LOT riding on it.

You MUST consider shares of NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) IMMEDIATELY!

In the coming weeks, while millions of dollars are poured into discovering additional gold in the land package, I expect institutions and retail investors to get word of this deal.


We are on the cusp of greatness.

When I woke up a few days ago, the FIRST THING I did was check the spot price of gold and the price shown was $1,944/ounce, a new all-time high after $1,921 was passed.

That very same day, my 4-year-old daughter had a play date and the girl’s father came over to pick her up. He sat at our kitchen island bar and we got to know each other.

When I asked him about his line of work, he replied that he’s employed in a freight-forwarding company. When he asked me, my reply was that I’m mostly a “PRECIOUS METAL investor these days.”

I love to answer in that fashion since I can immediately learn about the average person’s sentiment towards gold. Know this: he was very disinterested and was shocked to learn that the price HAS NEVER BEEN HIGHER!

This bull market isn’t a secret; we can’t compare it to the year 2000 when gold had just bottomed after two decades and began quietly climbing out of the public’s eye. The RECENT BOTTOM was in December 2015, so we’re already 4.5 years into the bull market, but we can readily make the assessment that IT’S LIKE JUNE 2009.


In April 2008, GOLD PEAKED. It proceeded to crash as the world unloaded positions and searched for liquidity, reaching $860/ounce, a 27% crash in JUST FOUR MONTHS.

From October 2008, when it was clear that policymakers and WORLD LEADERS were reflating, its price resumed its climb. By May 2009, its price got back to its April 2008 peak and BROKE OUT.

From May 2009, gold rallied AN ADDITIONAL 63% until September 2011, when its $1,921/ounce all-time high (UNTIL NOW) was set.

My point is that if I’m right and history REPEATS ITSELF, we have a 63% UPSIDE POTENTIAL from here. In terms of price target, Wealth Research Group is putting it at $3,168/ounce.

Eric Sprott is the best RESOURCE INVESTOR of all time, alive or dead, a self-made billionaire, and the SINGLE-LARGEST private investor in NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG).

Between October 2009 and September 2011, Mr. Sprott was chairman of his own asset management company, a publicly-traded stock.

When gold rose by 63% during that time, Sprott’s stock gained 300%!

In other words, Eric’s BASE ASSUMPTION is that in the next two years, he could potentially make 3x his money by investing in the lowest-risk companies in the category: the asset managers.

This man knows more about the precious metal industry than anyone else yet he’s LESS INTERESTED in making a PROBABLE TRIPLING of his net worth in the next two years.

Why? Why wouldn’t a 73-year-old billionaire want to take on less risk, less volatility, and do so WITH FAVORABLE STATISTICAL probability to make a 300% return?

There can only be ONE REASON: he believes the probability of making 5-15 times his money has HIGH LIKELIHOOD as well.

More upside usually comes with MORE RISK, yet Sprott has repeatedly proven that he knows exactly how to generate an Alpha, which is to say that he’s the world’s BEST EXPERT on making a larger gain with LESSENED RISK.

One company he has picked to make BETTER RETURNS while lowering his risk is NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG)!

With more upside, less risk, and the STAMP OF APPROVAL of the best investor in the sector, consider shares of NewFound Gold (TSX-V: NFG) now!

In the mining sector, there are TWO WAYS of gaining leverage with the underlying spot price.

The operational miners have MARGIN LEVERAGE, since for every few percentage points that gold rises (assuming the company’s expenses stay the same), the PROFIT MARGIN increases.

I love that TYPE OF LEVERAGE, and it is best capitalized on at the early stages of a bull market. The large-cap, world-class miners move first, since the change in valuation is instant and obvious. You always want exposure to the miners early on; most of the BEST-IN-CLASS companies will surge by more than 100% in a matter of months.

That initial rally is BEHIND US.

Once the GDX index begins moving, it tends to rally BEFORE the GDXJ, which is comprised of smaller companies. Most of them have either small mines or development-stage projects.

These mid-tier companies have the SECOND FORM of leverage, which is called RESERVE & RESOURCE MULTIPLE.

This one is MUCH MORE volatile, but offers way more potential, in terms of rewards.

In fact, Eric Sprott, the legendary resource-sector asset manager, as well as his most trusted analyst, the legendary Rick Rule, both mention instances of seeing 100:1 returns, using this strategy.

Making 100 TIMES one’s principal capital is both life-changing and rare. Making 10 times one’s seed investment is ACTUALLY REALISTIC and happens often in the gold sector.

Eric Sprott is NewFound Gold’s (TSX-V: NFG) largest individual shareholder, so we already know what his STATE OF MIND is regarding the potential here.

This is one reason Wealth Research Group believes that you should consider becoming a shareholder of this company. The SECOND REASON is even more IMPORTANT, as we see it.

The second reason is that the company’s SECOND-LARGEST individual shareholder has these accomplishments UNDER HIS BELT:

  1. Founder and CEO of Goldcorp, which had merged with Newmont a few years back to form the 2nd largest gold producer on the planet.
  2. One of the TOP-100 richest men in Canada.
  3. A 2017 mining hall of fame inductee.
  4. Since the early 2000s, he has won mining entrepreneur of the year by Ernest & Young, PDAC developer of the year and most innovative CEO of the year awards.

Rob McEwen is worth $800M, according to the latest numbers, but that’s probably wrong by a few hundred million dollars by now, after gold’s recent rally.

McEwen has built a HUGE MINING operation with Goldcorp.

There lies my thesis why NewFound Gold has attracted both Eric Sprott, who is interested in ASSET LEVERAGE and Rob McEwen, who knows all about OPERATIONAL LEVERAGE.

This company has both!


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