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If this sticks, it will go down as one of the biggest market schemes in history. For days now, the President, central banks, and academia talking heads are doing anything they possibly can to stave-off any negative news and focus on climbing through the 2,800 resistance level for the S&P 500 – regardless of an earnings recession and notwithstanding a plummeting Surprise Index.

Check this out:


The sheer manipulative power that central banks possess is unimaginable. Look at the surging global money supply above, and how it coincides with stock market performance this year. That’s not a fluke – far from it.

Prior to 2008, the Fed’s bond portfolio totaled 6% of the GDP. Today, it’s nearing 20% of it. This is borderline communism in some respects. It’s capitalism that works for the few at the expense of the many. Whatever it is, IT’S NOT AMERICA.

What the Federal Reserve hopes to achieve in the coming months is the same thing an army wishes to accomplish between tough battles – restocking of medical supplies and ammo, and boosting soldier morale. Therefore, they’re switching from long-term bonds to short-term ones, so that they can extend duration when the crisis arrives and stop the rampage from going global.


The Federal Reserve is all we have now. It is the barometer and determining factor in deciding market trajectory. When I bought my first stock in June of 2000, I didn’t even know such an institution existed.

The game has changed. In 2004, I was buying gold at the age of 20. By 2009, I had built a legacy dividend portfolio and a secondary, speculative mining shares portfolio. That two-year period from 2009 to 2011 was magical. It resembled the crypto hockey stick-shaped chart of 2017.

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    In the meantime, it is obvious that the FED’s actions signal to the world’s largest institutions that the dollar bull market is over, and that last year’s rally is in the rearview mirror.

    Look at this:


    Gold is taking a breather – which is totally normal – after its most recent rally. I expect it to be short-lived, however, since the indicators are there for an additional $40-$60 move this year. Of course, the key number to watch is $1,362, last year’s high.

    The reason that the market is rallying at the same time as commodities (such as copper) is because of the level of optimism out there that the U.S. and China will soon shake hands.


    Tariffs aren’t the cure for the trade deficit, obviously. Americans better wake up and smell the coffee. The United States needs to lead, innovate, charge forward, and NOT to vote for more free money programs (like the ones being proposed by the populist movement).

    Slashing the government’s budget and its power is what prompts entrepreneurship. My father went bankrupt when I was just 13 years old. I was pushed into a corner, which caused me to start thinking on my own.

    Get into the mindset of NO PLAN B, no parachutes, and no indecision. Burn the bridges and make your life a work of art.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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