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Resource stocks are HIGHLY CYCLICAL. The entire profession of smart speculation on mining companies centers on three basic PREMISES:

  1. Timing.
  2. Valuation.
  3. Leverage.

Once you’ve (A) identified a serially successful entrepreneur {I’ve been able to identify only 18 of them, out of thousands}, (B) analyzed his portfolio of world-class projects in safe jurisdictions, (C) researched his balance sheet and found it to be clean, (D) noticed the strong insider ownership in the public stock, (E) and seen that management is actively advancing the pipeline of projects, you MUST be prudent and triple-check that this particular company is undervalued, offers ULTIMATE positive leverage and that the timing is ideal. This isn’t an easy task whatsoever.

After the best year for gold since 2010 and with the possibility that the dollar has PEAKED for this cycle, gold’s latest correction from $1,611/ounce on WW3 rumors, down to the mid-$1,500s today, is an IDEAL entry point for new positions, as we see it.

I’ve got over $100,000 of exposure in a SINGLE gold company, since its current market is CAD$185M, even though (1) OVER CAD$280M has been spent on the company’s wholly-owned assets ALREADY by past owners, and (2) at their historical highs, the company’s current assets, when held by their previous owners, were collectively valued for CAD$822M, which is over CAD$600M more than the market cap of the company today.

This is a rare opportunity to own what we see as an IDEAL stock, entering 2020 with momentum after a strong 2019. The company has NO DEBT, nearly CAD$9M in cash (so no need to dilute), with gold ready to have another SOLID year.

Consider Shares of GoldMining Inc. (TSX: GOLD & US: GLDLF) NOW!

Since 2011, the major mining companies have been deleveraging, spending less and less on (A) exploration, (B) mergers & acquisitions and (C) on building their portfolios, in general. Consequently, the slump in production, the delays in permitting new mines and putting them into production and the lack of new discoveries, have all played right into OUR HANDS.

Since 2011, GoldMining Inc. (TSX: GOLD & US: GLDLF) has focused on one thing: PURCHASING projects with documented resources, not speculative exploration projects, not dirt that may or may not hold minerals. In other words, no “hail maries,” but instead resources in the Measured & Indicated category and the Inferred category.

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    When I sat down and compared its properties with other companies in its size, GoldMining (US: GLDLF) controls one of the LARGEST gold resource portfolios across all juniors in the Americas. To put this into context, there is NO OTHER executive on the planet, which in the past decade has been able to purchase on behalf of his shareholders a group of projects with more resources at a lower cost, than Amir Adnani, as far as we can tell. That requires a keen sense of timing on his part, an ability to raise funds in tough times, and the discipline of PATIENTLY WAITING when prices are too high.

    The result is this expansive portfolio:

    In total, about $80M in cash and shares has been spent to acquire these properties, which, as you can see, hold a collective 10.5 Moz M&I RESOURCE and 12.4 Moz INFERRED RESOURCE.

    One asset alone, the Titiribi project in Colombia, had a market capitalization of $334M at the turn of the previous decade; that’s nearly DOUBLE the company’s entire market cap today.

    The point is that the HEAVY LIFTING has been done. Amir has assembled an expansive portfolio of gold projects, which we think is IMPOSSIBLE to mimic right now that gold prices have increased.

    The efficiencies, created by consolidating this array of assets, which were once scattered among seven companies (all issuing salaries and paying regulatory fees) under one roof, with a coherent strategy, is an effective SYNERGY.

    Leverage is what GoldMining Inc. (TSX: GOLD & US: GLDLF) offers most clearly, as we view the situation. As the price of gold goes up, its portfolio value should also logically increase.

    I own plenty of physical coins. With this investment, though, I’m setting myself up for the rewards that come with LEVERAGE!

    Consider owning shares of GoldMining Inc. (GLDLF) in the coming cycle.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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